Manchester: Sculpture Walk, 2016

Manchester is a city of wonders. Every where you look, the buildings are beautifully constructed. From colonial architecture to gothic spirals and domes, you would find them on all houses. Even the contemporary apartment buildings have been made on the grounds of erstwhile important commercial markets or have unique designed which need to be noted. I am not an architecture student, but definitely am interested in the atistic architecture of the houses of Manchester. In fact, each architecture and sculpture has its own story. While some are symbols of power, some have been gifted and others are lone remains of flourishing trade. This post is on the Sculpture Walk of Manchester where,  I travelled to some of the known and unknown alleys of the city and captured the sculptures and its histories. I have done it only for Manchester, but every city has something to say through its sculptures and it can be conducted anywhere on Earth. 

Manchester pubs are really cool places to be in. You can sit inside on cold and windy days and enjoy the view over a glass of wine and a delicious platter. You can sit outside on the chairs provided in the pavement on sunny days and enjoy the rare natural warmth of the weather. The third thing that you can enjoy, is the architecture of the pubs. Some of these pubs have been built in the original infrastructure of the buildings. Thus, even if the interiors are modern, the outside architecture has sculptures and artworks all over it. The one taken above is from a restaurant in the Northern Quarters (It serves awesome pizzas BTW 😛 ).  This beautiful sculpture appears at the entrance to this eatery. 

This has been shot from the wall of an under-renovation building off Rochdale Street. The walls of this building is adorned by beautiful graffiti’s  and artworks.  The vents (as the one  above) has semi circular sculpted patterns. 

Travelling back to 1872, the Smithfield area, now known as the Northern Quarters housed the wholesale markets dealing in fish , vegetables and fruits. There was not a moments peace in the area . The whole street got busy since the wee hours of morning in loading and unloading items. The hustle and bustle of those markets only added to the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the place. These markets were relocated in 1973 to the Openshaw area and what remains today are the sculptures and gates of the erstwhile market. This photograph (above) is from one of the gate. Today, large modern apartments have been built to accommodate the growing population of the city beyond those gates. 

When in Manchester, do not forget to scan the buildings around you quickly. You never know which building has beautiful sculptures engraved into its walls. These sculptures were found on the walls of an office building just off the Picadilly Gardens. In fact, it is not unusual to have sculptures of the buildings’ founder’s engraved on the walls . For instance, the University of Manchester as a sculpture of its founder and so does the Town Hall of Manchester. 

This floral pattern has occupied most of the walls of another office building near Picadilly Gardens. This long column joins the ground floor with the top floor balcony. Columns are important parts of the architecture here and why waste the space by leaving it blank when you can fill it with beautiful artwork? 

Queen Victoria needs no introduction. Known as one of the longest reigning monarch of the UK, many sculptures and statues have been built to honour her. One such statue is the one sitting at the Picadilly Gardens, Manchester. The erstwhile Queen herself sat for the artist Edward Onslow Ford so that he could build her a beautiful sculpture. Unfortunately, the Queen’s statue was unveiled only ten months after her death in 1901. Today, there are other sculptures besides The Late Queen in the Gardens  but she stands tall as an overarching sculpture in a raised platform. 

This sculpture has been shot from the gates of the Hidden Gem or the St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. This is called the Hidden Gem because it is situated in a narrow alleyway away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. In fact, it did take me quite a few rounds to find it, the first time I went there. 

Taken outside another eatery in St Anne’s Square, this sculpture deserves a place here because of its neat details and intricate carvings. I especially, liked the two cupid styled sculptures ‘up in the air’. 

These four sculptures and work of arts are scattered around the city. I found them very unusual and thought that they deserve a place in this post. The first photo (from the left) is of The Big Horn on Tib Street and Church Street junction. It symbolizes the introduction of development and newness in the city. It is built by David Kemp. The second photo is unusual as it is a sculpture made of cardboard box cartons. The third is a beautiful artistic impression constructed on the walls of a building. The fourth, is a lovely walkway in Exchange Square. It feels really nice to walk on those disorderly pavements but care must be taken with children lest they fall down and get hurt.  

I hope you like this new endeavor of mine and would support me the same way in which you like my travel posts. Do let me know  which is your favorite among these sculptures.   I would be back soon with another adventure of mine in no time. 

Manchester Day 2016

Manchester is a city of wonders. It never fails to amaze me . . . and today’s Manchester Parade 2016 (19th June 2016) was just another instance. The city is filled with its own share of history, culture, science and development; and with time it has encompassed within itself various other cultures and their customs. Manchester Day was a glimpse of what this city  had to offer to its people. 

The Manchester Day Parade was the special highlight of the event. Originating from Liverpool Road, the parade ran all the way up to Exchange Square through Albert Square and St Ann’s Square. I reached Albert Square around 11:30 am . The grounds were still prepping up for the parade and the crowd caught up as time went by. 

Children enjoying on the Merry-Go-Round
Displays at Albert Square
Display at Albert Square
A band before its performance

It was an amazing feeling sitting on the benches and seeing young children taking rides on the merry-go-round. Soon after, the adults joined them too. Not only was the merry-go-round colourful with its prettily dressed up horses and dragons; but also the smile and happiness of the children enjoying the ride made it all the more colourful. The expressions on the face of the children and the adults; who were either taking the run along with their children or on their own to relive their childhood memories, made it worth watching them for minutes. 

There was ample food to enjoy a sumptuous lunch with ice creams as desserts. While waiting for the parade, I decided to have my lunch as well ending with a Double Sherbet Vanilla Softy with chocolate flakes. 

Soon, it was around 1 O’ clock and the parade was due at 1:15-20 in Albert Square. People started setting up cameras, tripods, go-pros to capture the moment. Children sat down on both sides of the street waving their colourful flags and blowing bubbles. The commentators took their positions on the stage . Many VIP’s seated themselves on a vintage bus borrowed especially from the Manchester Transport Museum. The number of people were beyond guessing. Being a Sunday parents had brought their children to see the beauty of the city, the rich culture and heritage of the city . Thankfully, the weather complied – it was neither too sunny nor did it rain. 

Awaiting the parade
Taking a seat on the Vintage Bus

Finally, the parade began with the Lord Mayor of Manchester leading the way with his two dogs. He was followed by various groups, schools, associations and organisations with their beautiful inventions and actions in colourful costumes. the entire parade lasted for about 45 minutes after which I went to St Ann’s Square and Exchange Square to get a glimpse of the activities going on there. Trust me, the enthusiasm was as high as ever in both the places and the events went on till 6 pm.

The Lord Mayor Opens the Parade
The Parade in Action
Skeleton Man
Beautiful Planetary Display
A Colourful Display
The Kathakali Puppet by Malayali Association
An Astronaut
Innovative Investions- Steam Engine and Light Bulbs
Mr. Dino
Mr. Doggie Man


People in Action
Live Mona Lisa with Leonardo Da Vinci’s
Jelly Dance
The Backwards Weather Forecast
Musicians at St Ann’s Square 
The crowd at Exchange Square

I personally loved the parade and would take this opportunity to Congratulate the thousands of people who worked relentlessly to make this parade successful. their hard work clearly paid off. Lastly, but not the least, I would also mention the amazing crowd management volunteers, security and traffic control, fire brigades as well as medics who are always on -the-go to help the people of Manchester, day and night. 

Happy Manchester Day Everyone 🙂 !  If you missed the parade, catch all the actions here. . 


Just So Easter Things

Easter has always been a regular holiday for me . It meant nothing more than a sigh of relief amidst  long hours of school and college. But, this year it was different. A fortnight before Easter, markets were put up. Markets which were buzzing of  people, all of whom were either window shopping or buying gifts for their loved ones. a special range of chocolates were launched especially for Easter. Ranging from Easter bunnies (which somehow I could not eat; given my love for cute bunnies), and easter eggs to chocolate buttons and chocolate egg mousse; all of which were available in various shapes and sizes and in different types of chocolates. I did however get some chocolate bunny faces for my families (with sincere apologies to all the bunnies of this world). 

This festive season ushers in a four days long holiday including bank holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Most churches hold special mass on Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion of Christ. But I went for lunch with my family to Rusholme (which has been covered before ).  to be honest, we went to Deansgate, but finding all restaurants closed, we switched plans . Many restaurants work on any evening shift here, that is, from 4 O’ Clock onwards. at times, restaurants shift their regular timings due to festivals. Thus, it would be wise to have a look at their websites before going on special occasions. But, my trip to Deansgate did not go waste. I managed to catch some nice frames . 

Blooming Daffodils. . . . . (Reminds me of Wordsworth )
Blooming Daffodils. . . . .
(Reminds me of Wordsworth )

Thereafter a good Indian lunch at Rusholme followed. The evening ended in Piccadilly Gardens , where the beautiful weekend markets were set up. These markets have a variety of delicious foods, cupcakes, breads and the lot. The tempo of the atmosphere increased when some street performers started entertaining the people around. The beats of their drums enthralled the young and the old. Here is a video that I recorded of them. 

A little further on near Market Street another amazing and enticing performance greeted me. This video says it all. 

A real quick plan at 10 O’clock Saturday night was arranged with a friend for Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, Manchester looked like a Ghost Town. Very few buses plied and there were even fewer people on the road. Nevertheless, we went to the Lowry Outlet near MediaCity UK. The Lowry Outlet had lots of great food stalls spread across the entire mall. The Chocomania was arranged especially for children , who had to embark upon a trail throughout the mall and collect the Golden Ticket to enter the Chocolate World (Much like Willy Wonka isn’t it? 😛 ).

Chocomania organised by The Lowry Outlet near MediaCity UK
Chocomania organised by The Lowry Outlet near MediaCity UK
A Trip to Wonka's Chocolate Factory anyone???
A Trip to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory anyone???

Here, I would like to make a special mention  to Chula’s Cup Cakes. Not only were the cup cakes amazing but the Macaroons stole my heart. With up to 20 flavours of Cupcakes and more than 7 flavours of Macaroons anyone would be spoiled for choice.

Pretty Little cupcakes by Chula's Cup Cakes
Pretty Little cupcakes by Chula’s Cup Cakes
Assorted Cup Cakes
Assorted Cup Cakes







Delicious Macaroons
Delicious Macaroons

Here is a glimpse of some of the other stalls in The Lowry. 

Handmade Cheese . Yummy !!!
Handmade Cheese . Yummy !!!
Belgian chocolate Marshamallow Cups
Belgian chocolate Marshamallow Cups
Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cups
Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cups







Candies and Chocolates
Candies and Chocolates
Assorted Tit-Bits
Assorted Tit-Bits
More Candies and Chocolates . . . . .
More Candies and Chocolates . . . . .






More Tit-Bits
More Tit-Bits







The day ended happily amidst periodical spells of rain and sunlight. Though Easter ends, the festive season would not, at least not for me. In coming days I would be visiting one of the most beautiful cities of the world and the excitement of visiting the city (Guess which city) is nothing less than a festival in itself.  

Happy Easter to all my readers 🙂 . Hope you had a great Weekend!! 


Spinningfields Makers Market

The Manchester Spinningfields Makers Markets came back for the third year in Manchester. This market showcased some of the best hand-made products like food, pastries, cakes, home decor, paintings and the like. What more, if you thought the maker’s markets were just for humans think again! You would find ample stuffs for your lovely pets as well. In fact, many even  brought their pet dogs along with them. Here, are some glimpses of the market. 


Held, just in front of The John Rylands Library on the weekends, many people (including myself) found it a great opportunity to visit the markets and the library both on the same day. 


Didn’t I tell you that pets were more than welcome. Well, this little (maybe not so little) Winston was the star of the day . A really sweet dog he was extremely camera conscious and looked exactly at the camera when he was being captured in the numerous selfies and groupfies that people were taking with him. Many are actually scared of Bulldogs, but Winston would happily let people pet him and take photographs with him. 


The taxidermist stall and the gardening stall really caught my eyes. The bird was just one of the samples of the many stuffed animals that were on sale. The hanging bushes with colourful flowers could make one’s day. Various hues of flowers came from all directions of the stall. 

Well, I was pretty amused as I had never seen a dog inside a pram before. So, I had to capture this moment. 


The market was held in an open area and thus people did feel cold after a while. But, cheers to the hot drinks van . . . 


With the makers Market it would be impossible that food stalls would not be put up. Here, are some of the delicious food stalls which displayed food not only for the people but also treats for the pets.

Before bidding adieu to the market, I tried to capture a glimpse of the whole scene. 


The Makers Market are held in various places across Manchester. In fact, if you would want to attend the next market it would be wise to have a look at their official website or keep a track on Facebook to find out the timings and the place of the markets. As per my knowledge they are held on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of every month in Spinningfields. 


John Rylands Library

A recent visit to the Spinningfields Market ultimately ended up in, me visiting the John Rylands Library which was not even 100 m away from the markets. I have travelled past this library on numerous occasions earlier, but never really had  enough time to stop by and take a look at it. So, this time when I had some spare hours at my disposal, I decided to take a quick look inside (Interestingly, the ‘quick look’ lasted for more than an hour. Here, let me inform you that photography inside the library is restricted. While taking  photos of the interiors are allowed, the exhibitions and the enormous collection of books are beyond the scope of photography.

Being a library, such rules are fair enough and should be respected. Due to this, I would describe the library as much as possible trusting my memory to aid me .

Entrance to the Display Rooms

From the main entrance, you need to take the stairs or the elevator to the first level . This is the corridor which runs along the length of the exhibition halls. The corridor is lighted by beautiful yellow lights and has glass painted windows. Interestingly, there are folding chairs which can be used by those who need it. Further, since the roof is very high and might give you sore necks, there are mirrors kept in the corridors which can be used to explore the beautiful high ceilings. 

This corridor leads to the Spencer and Crawford Rooms which houses the collection of Earl Spencer’s early printed books and Earl Crawford’s manuscript collections. It also boasts of the Tregaskis and Anthony Dowd collections of fine bindings. 

Further on is the Temporary Exhibition Space. Exhibitions here keep on changing, so it is better to check with the reception first. I personally saw an exhibition on Magic, Witches and Devils in the Early Modern World. Photography is prohibited. However, if you do want some photographs you would have to contact the administration. 


This doorway is opposite the Main staircase. The light filtering through the windows and the artificial lights yellow lights merge together to give a different light effect.
View of the Roof from the Main Staircase

The serpentine built of the main staircase, in the first instance reminded me of the elaborate stairs of Hogwarts. After climbing half a flight of stairs , if you look up you would see the elaborately decorated roof. This beautiful light, at the base of the stairs enhances the effects of the old staircase even more. 

Handle with Care: They are over 100 years old

On reaching the next level, you would see this beautiful chair and table set welcoming you. But this is more than a hundred years old and thus care needs to be taken if you want to sit on it or click selfies on it. 

The statues of Mr and Mrs Rylands grace each end of the Main Reading Room. 

Main Reading Room

This is a quiet and comfortable section fo the main reading room. In case you do not want to take a seat in the aisle , you can retire with your book to one of these lovely sections. Silence is to be maintained at all times ; even though visitors are allowed it is still a library and one must not forget that. Food and drinks are strictly not allowed; however bottled water can be brought in . It is advisable to either keep your mobile phones switched off or in the silent mode during your visit so as to not break the decorum of this place.

High Walls of the Main Reading Room

I have tried to capture the entire feel of the library in this photo. The entrance to the Main Reading room is from the far right. Thereafter, the long aisle starts on both sides. After a section of beautiful displays of books, scriptures and handmade drawing and paintings (which cannot be photographed), there is place for the visitors to sit and do some reading. The hollowed sections in between the pillars are reading corners (one of which has been photographed above). The windows have paintings and designs on them. And while you are in this room, do not forget to look up 😛 ! The room uniquely resembles a cathedral with gothic architecture. 

Intricate Glass works 

This is one of the two glass works in the main reading room.

Main Reading Room

A view of the reading room from its entrance. To be honest the length of this place and the space it occupies cannot be gauged looking at this photograph.

Cute Dino Poster

With me, there has to be some really crazy photo everywhere.Thus, even in the midst of a library I found a cute Dino (Well a mix between a dino and a dragon really) poster.


At the end, I would leave you with one of my favourite parts of the library. This sculpture. This is present at the base of the main staircase and captures your attention the moment you lay eyes on it. It is beautiful, elegant , medieval- ish and I liked it a lot, so captured it. Jokes apart, it represents Theology Directing the Labours of Science and the Arts and are by John Cassidy.

Now, the library has its own sets of donors and trustees but mainly works on visitor donations. If you would want to donate you are most welcome. alternately, you can have a look at their amazing collections of souvenirs in the library shop or take a break and grab a bite at the cafe. The proceeds of the food and shopping goes into the maintenance of the library.If you are a student, teacher or someone who loves books and libraries, you can contact them for membership. It is a working library and people do take benefits of the more than 1.4 million literary resources kept safely within its walls.

Here are some useful information about the Library:

Address: 150 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH

How to Reach? The free Metroshuttle goes straight past the library. Alternately, you can take First Bus 8 , 67 or 100 and get down at Deansgate and walk your way through.  

Nearest Landmark: Albert Hall, City Council, Manchester.

Opening Times: Tues-Sat 10 am – 5 pm; Sun and Mon 12 noon – 5 pm

Entrance Fee: The Library is free for every visitor .


Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

The Whitworth Art Gallery, is everything that a modern , contemporary art gallery would look like. It is interactive, educational, innovative, mind-boggling and aesthetically beautiful. What is more interesting is that, the Gallery is set in a park- The Whitworth Park. So, on a Sunday afternoon I set out on the search of this innovative gallery amidst the greens (that is what I like to call it). 


On entering the park, I saw lots of people . A group of young boys went by laughing and smiling with cans of soda in their hands. An elderly couple were taking a nice evning stroll. A cute Shi Tzu (puppy) was trying very hard to sniff and find something (I wonder what it was trying to find out though) and then there were some people who were (like me) on their way to the Gallery.Above is a photograph of the Whitworth Park.  


This is the entrance to the Gallery. What looked like a beautiful colonial mansion with arched balconies and pillars now housed a variety of art exhibitions, educational space, cafe  and a library. what more, the Gallery also has its own Sculpture Garden. It holds regular debates and seminars in the cafe area . Below are some of the artworks at display.


This abstract mural which takes up an entire wall almost, sparks of vibrant colours. Some the amalgamation of so many bright colours in one work of art cheers me up. 


The traditional items of every art gallery in the world- Medieval Paintings.


This gigantic textile display positioned right in the middle of the exhibition room catches your eyes the moment you enter the room. 


A very simple concept, to illuminate the writings from inside so that they can be read by the people outside. 


This piantings caught my eyes. Somehow, I could interpret it as the presence of many themes in one single frame. From bondage, childhood, rage, misery, fear, rivalry -all these themes could be seen when you look closely at the painting.


To be honest, this is my favourite sculpture in the whole gallery. The beautiful over-extending gown with hair dangling from the woman’s hand is spooky but elegant to look at. (Yes, the hair is real.  . . .)


A number of paintings depicting everyday life is displayed in the photography section. It is really difficult to photograph them due to the strong lights and heavy reflections on the glass. But even then i managed to take a photo of this cute baby held by (maybe) his father. 

IMG_9578Lastly, but not the least, the beautiful patterns of this dress needed to be captured by my camera. 

Whitworth Art Gallery, is a Gallery with a cause and for a cause. It aims to welcome people of all social class into its walls (and gardens)  and educate them , for art is everywhere. Every academics can be explained by means of art. In fact, contemporary art uses a lot of science in it as well. Thus, it truly uphelds the age-long saying that Science and art are two sides of the same coin. 

Furthermore, this gallery runs mostly on charity, donations and revenues earned from the Gallery cafe and shop. Here are some essential details about the Gallery.

Address: The University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER

How to Go?

Bus:  42, 18

Train: Regular trains run from the Victoria Station, Piccadilly Station and Crescent to Oxford Road. 

Opening Times:Everyday  10 AM- 5 PM (Thursdays 10 AM- 9 PM)



From Manchester to Glasgow

My recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland was full of memories. Even though I was not very happy, for I was to stay there only for a day, nevertheless I was determined to make most of the trip (who knows I may not get a chance to come back later). It was decided way back in December that I was to accompany my parents for a day trip to Glasgow to attend a wedding. Though, ideally it would have been great to have stayed a night there, but due to lack of time and resources, such an arrangement could not be made. So, we decided to take a train to Glasgow and a bus while returning to Manchester. 

I am a late riser. I do not clearly recall the number of days when I have seen the sun rising with my own eyes. My eyes usually open when the sun is happily illuminating the whole world. But, for this trip I had to get up at 4 am in the morning. 4 am in Manchester is nothing like I had ever imagined. It was pitch dark outside with one or two street lights glowing in the dark. There was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Occasionally a  car passed by on the main road. It was dark and cold and everything else that would make you want to go back to sleep. But I fought sleep for the first time in my life, to enjoy Glasgow. We caught the train at 7 :15 am when it was still pitch dark outside and I saw no point in taking photographs from the train because the reflection would have anyway spoilt it. So, it was not until we reached Oxenholme that I could see some light outside my window and less reflection of the interiors of the train, that I decided to take my camera out. 


This photograph of the Oxenholme Train Station is literally my very first photograph of the journey. There were not many people at the station at such an early hour and that is why the station looks deserted.


This is a landscape that I took when we were headed towards the Penrith North Lakes . 


This too is shot in the Penrith. 


I could sit for hours and just admire the beautiful views outside the windows. How often had I wished if only I could stop the train , get out and take a photograph without the glass windows in between my camera and the scenery. 


I do apologise for the poor quality of this photograph. But at least one can make out that these are  a bunch of lambs grazing. However, I did wonder quite often why are they marked in red or blue? If you do know the answer let me know please. 


After a vast stretch of endless greenery, I could finally see some settlement. 


This was on my way to Carlisle. 


Finally, the orange-ish streaks of the sun rays could be seen after heavy rain en route Carlisle. 


I remember competing with my mother to take a photograph of these ruins as we were entering the Carlisle Station. For some reason, she seemed more enthusiastic to take the photograph than me with her mobile camera. So, I let her take the photograph and used a zoom lens to capture whatever I could. To be honest, I was probably feeling a little lazy too, to get up from my seat and take a photograph. 😛 .


This is a view of the Carlisle Train Station. The train usually goes all the way to Glasgow, but due to heavy floods, the service terminated in this station and we were transferred onto a coach (bus) which would drop us in front of the Glasgow Central Station. The duration from Carlisle Station to Glasgow Central via a coach is almost two hours and five minutes long. 


Right outside the Carlisle Station, I found this massive medieval looking turret. I liked it and captured it. I have no idea what it is because I was running out of time to stop by and ask someone about it. Although, it does resemble the ancient watch towers ! For some strange reason it reminded me of the Titanic and the guys who were supposed to keep a lookout for the icebergs. I guess moving up North, the cold had already started to get to my head. 


So, this is Carlisle in a glimpse. This is all that I could manage before the coach took to the motorways (highways) . The oh-so-Medieval look of the city has its own charm. The beautiful buildings and their architecture never fails to make you curious and take you back in time.


The only manageable photograph en route Glasgow was of the distant windmills from the highway. I still remember due to lack of continuous seating arrangement all three of us (my parents and I) sat in different places. Strangely, I was sitting beside this man who drew all the window curtains and went to sleep. Alas, my photographs ! was my first reaction to it. I looked around a bit and found another window from where some photographs were manageable. 


And at last after a wait of two hours in the bus, I reached Glasgow Central Station. Here is a photo of the station. It sure is a busy one. From this station we, went onwards with our journey and attended the marriage of our relative and came back to Manchester via bus. The return journey was made in a pitch dark highway and there are no photographs of it. Furthermore, I slept off midway , so there was no one to even try to take any photographs! 

Nevertheless, my trip was worth the pain of getting up before sunrise. More photographs and description about Glasgow coming up in later posts :). 

Printworks, Manchester

Printworks as the name suggests would bring to your mind words such as ‘newspapers’ , ‘journalism’, ‘magazines’ etc.  At least, that is what I thought Printworks was all about until I was told that it is everything but ‘print’. It is one of the leading Entertainment arcades. It hosts inside its beautiful walls a number of pubs and eateries as well as a gaming centre and the Odeon movie theatre. after the shutting down of the newsprint site which it actually hosted and followed by the Manchester bombings; Printworks was re-opened in 2000 and can be defined as a ‘one place stop’ for pubs, eateries, movies and games. 


Located at the intersection of Withy Grove and Corporation Street Manchester, this is how the area looks like from the Printworks in the evening. Towards the left of the frame, ‘Next’ is a beautiful shop which is part of the Manchester Arndale. Towards the right is the National Football Museum , Cheetham School of music and Cheetham Library, The Manchester Arena and the very famous Victoria Station.



On entering Printworks you are bound to be blinded by the glitzy and glamorous sign boards of the various pubs and eateries. You get a range of cuisines here -Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican- you name it and you have it. 


Along with proper restaurants, you also have various pubs and cafe’s like Walkabout, Waxy O Connors, Tiger Tiger, Hard Rock. 


As you cross the Pump Yard, three distinct objects would catch your attention. this huge Graffiti, A Pretty snail (below) which I believe looks really dreamy-eyed and  a car ride.



This is a collage of the map of Printwoks and also some of the big names of eateries and restaurants that are found here. This place has such varieties that you would never have to worry about food being in your budget. Additionally, if you are planning to go pub hopping, then this place is a must as you have various different pubs under one roof.

At the end of this post, I am leaving a little bit of my own recommendations.

1. Try out the eateries and pubs. If you want a wonderful buffet then you can check out Peachy Keens. (

2. Try the Car Ride. 

3. You can try your luck at the Gaming Zone (although I was not that lucky this time 😛 )

4. Keep a lookout at the official website of Printworks for amazing, offers, competitions and events at

5. Endless Photographs

6. Great Time with Friends and Families.

Do comment and let me know if you have been to the Printworks and if you have any favourites in this arcade. Thanks 🙂 

Peachy Keens

Peachy Keens in Printworks is the true definition of the saying ‘The World on Your Plate’. This amazing buffet restaurant makes sure that you get a taste of leading world cuisines under one roof. With just £14.99 pounds per plate (drinks extra) you have unlimited food and desserts at your disposal. 

I would personally say, it might be expensive for some people, especially students, but if you really have a reason to celebrate, then it is worth spending the money and coming here, for some yummy food. 



This huge wall greets you at the entrance of the Restaurant. It has the names of some of the tastiest dishes curated from all over the world that are available inside.


This is just a part of the lavish buffet table inside the restaurant. You have varieties of salads, noodles, rice, vegetables, chicken, beef, mutton, soups, pizzas and the list continues. 


A collage of some of the cuisines available inside.


A glimpse of the Internationally decorated wall murals inside the restaurant. From China to India and further, each photograph depicts a place and its speciality. 


Well this plate contains some of the dishes from the buffet table.  (Clockwise) Spring rolls, Chinese Samosas,  Chilli Chicken , Mint Chutney and Prawns. 


 (Anti clockwise) Coleslaw, Spicy Onion Pickle, Rice, Mutton Rogan Josh, Mint Chutney, Chilly Chicken , Sweet and Sour Chicken.


White and Milk Chocolate Fountains. 

My Recommendations: 

Starters: Varieties of Salads

Main: Mutton Lasagne, Mutton Rogan Josh, Beef in Back Been Sauce 

Desserts: Fruit Jellies, Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Gulab Jamun and Marshmallows in Chocolate Sauce, Tiramisu (Contains Alcohol)

Extras: Unlimited Food .Unlimited Photographs . Unlimited Memories.

If you have been to Peachy Keens before, let me know how you liked it. If you have not gone there, would you like to visit it? Do comment on the post below. Happy Eating 🙂 ! 

Photo Feature: Instapics

Having a Social Media presence on a variety of platforms is the ‘in thing’ in contemporary digital world. Thus, I too have an Instagram account, where I share some of my photographs . Here are some of my favourite photographs, from Instagram. I believe, every photo has a story in it and a story behind it. While the story inside the photographs are quite visible, this is the first time, I would probably explain the stories behind it. 


This was taken in Albert Square Manchester during the Christmas Lights Switch on. There were around thousands of people gathered in the Manchester Council to see the big Santa being lighted.

You can have a look at the entire event at 


It is not that I am an avid fan of cats, but I like them. They are sweet and cute. My college is technically incomplete without cats. There have been times when they have actually entered classrooms and sat down as additional students. This cat was taking a nice winter afternoon sun bath amongst the bushes when I clicked him. This photo was taken by my mobile as I did not take my camera to college.


China Town, Manchester is a lovely place. It is just off the corner from Manchester Piccadilly. This huge ornamental gate is almost like a symbol to this ancient culture. Chinatown is flooded with amazing Chinese and Thai restaurants and takeaways. This is one place that cannot be missed in your bucket list for Manchester Sightseeing.


The very first cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows that I made myself. I don’t usually cook or mix a drink, maybe because I am not very good at either. but when it came to making a cup of Hot Chocolate, I did give it a shot. P.S It was not very bad either 😛 , but not something that I would make ever so often .


A bit too late to put up Christmas Photographs isn’t it? Well, I completely agree. But I just like the look of the photo. It was taken during a very cold and freezing evening. It gives me chills, when I think of how I removed my gloves to shoot this photo. 


Taken during one of my rare vacations in Jaipur, Rajasthan, this is a photo of the beautiful palace in the Amer Fort. Built by the fierce Rajput rulers of this state, the Amer Fort and the structural construction within it draw heavily from both Hindu and Mughal architecture. Though this place is a must visit in Jaipur, I would advise you to take the trip in Winters and not in the scorching summer sun. 


This too has been taken inside the Amer Fort. This is the entrance to one of the temples in the fort. Interestingly, I have often tried to count the number of steps but have lost myself somewhere in the middle. Have you been successful in counting the total number of steps? 


This photo is my most favourite one out of the whole lot. It was taken in Burra Bazaar, North Kolkata while I was out on a heritage tour to some of the nearby Synagogues and a Temple. It was during a small food break that we took in between our sightseeing, that a friend wanted to enjoy juicy oranges under the warm winter sun. This photo was taken when she was purchasing the oranges from the seller.

Which one is your favourite photo? Do comment and let me know why? I would also appreciate if you do find faults in them and would like to let  me know how I could improve on my skills in the comment section below. Thanks. 🙂