Printworks, Manchester

Printworks as the name suggests would bring to your mind words such as ‘newspapers’ , ‘journalism’, ‘magazines’ etc.  At least, that is what I thought Printworks was all about until I was told that it is everything but ‘print’. It is one of the leading Entertainment arcades. It hosts inside its beautiful walls a number of pubs and eateries as well as a gaming centre and the Odeon movie theatre. after the shutting down of the newsprint site which it actually hosted and followed by the Manchester bombings; Printworks was re-opened in 2000 and can be defined as a ‘one place stop’ for pubs, eateries, movies and games. 


Located at the intersection of Withy Grove and Corporation Street Manchester, this is how the area looks like from the Printworks in the evening. Towards the left of the frame, ‘Next’ is a beautiful shop which is part of the Manchester Arndale. Towards the right is the National Football Museum , Cheetham School of music and Cheetham Library, The Manchester Arena and the very famous Victoria Station.



On entering Printworks you are bound to be blinded by the glitzy and glamorous sign boards of the various pubs and eateries. You get a range of cuisines here -Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican- you name it and you have it. 


Along with proper restaurants, you also have various pubs and cafe’s like Walkabout, Waxy O Connors, Tiger Tiger, Hard Rock. 


As you cross the Pump Yard, three distinct objects would catch your attention. this huge Graffiti, A Pretty snail (below) which I believe looks really dreamy-eyed and  a car ride.



This is a collage of the map of Printwoks and also some of the big names of eateries and restaurants that are found here. This place has such varieties that you would never have to worry about food being in your budget. Additionally, if you are planning to go pub hopping, then this place is a must as you have various different pubs under one roof.

At the end of this post, I am leaving a little bit of my own recommendations.

1. Try out the eateries and pubs. If you want a wonderful buffet then you can check out Peachy Keens. (

2. Try the Car Ride. 

3. You can try your luck at the Gaming Zone (although I was not that lucky this time 😛 )

4. Keep a lookout at the official website of Printworks for amazing, offers, competitions and events at

5. Endless Photographs

6. Great Time with Friends and Families.

Do comment and let me know if you have been to the Printworks and if you have any favourites in this arcade. Thanks 🙂 

Peachy Keens

Peachy Keens in Printworks is the true definition of the saying ‘The World on Your Plate’. This amazing buffet restaurant makes sure that you get a taste of leading world cuisines under one roof. With just £14.99 pounds per plate (drinks extra) you have unlimited food and desserts at your disposal. 

I would personally say, it might be expensive for some people, especially students, but if you really have a reason to celebrate, then it is worth spending the money and coming here, for some yummy food. 



This huge wall greets you at the entrance of the Restaurant. It has the names of some of the tastiest dishes curated from all over the world that are available inside.


This is just a part of the lavish buffet table inside the restaurant. You have varieties of salads, noodles, rice, vegetables, chicken, beef, mutton, soups, pizzas and the list continues. 


A collage of some of the cuisines available inside.


A glimpse of the Internationally decorated wall murals inside the restaurant. From China to India and further, each photograph depicts a place and its speciality. 


Well this plate contains some of the dishes from the buffet table.  (Clockwise) Spring rolls, Chinese Samosas,  Chilli Chicken , Mint Chutney and Prawns. 


 (Anti clockwise) Coleslaw, Spicy Onion Pickle, Rice, Mutton Rogan Josh, Mint Chutney, Chilly Chicken , Sweet and Sour Chicken.


White and Milk Chocolate Fountains. 

My Recommendations: 

Starters: Varieties of Salads

Main: Mutton Lasagne, Mutton Rogan Josh, Beef in Back Been Sauce 

Desserts: Fruit Jellies, Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Gulab Jamun and Marshmallows in Chocolate Sauce, Tiramisu (Contains Alcohol)

Extras: Unlimited Food .Unlimited Photographs . Unlimited Memories.

If you have been to Peachy Keens before, let me know how you liked it. If you have not gone there, would you like to visit it? Do comment on the post below. Happy Eating 🙂 ! 

Cafe de Conscience

cafe de conscience

While walking back with a friend from Salford to Victoria Station, she mentioned to me about this really cool juice parlour she wanted to visit and was on the way. After asking a bit more about the place I realised I knew the place the parlour was located in, but had never seen it or been there. But she was all praises for it 🙂 .

After a bit of help from our GPS friend we ended up in the juice bar. It was called Cafe de Conscience. It offered snacks and juices. Much to my surprise, the parlour was set in a makeshift van. The menu card displayed juices which were all healthy. From vegetable juice comprising of spinach, cucumber and  ginger to banana  juice and beetroot juices; all were on the menu card. 


Here, let me give you a word of advise. If you like sweetened juices or are not health concious at all, then this place is not for you. Alternately, if you do love trying all sorts of foods and beverages, then I would recommend you to have a go at this place too. 

As we waited for my friend’s order to come, I really got interested in these freshly prepared juices. Furthermore, the walk had made me thirsty 😛 , so I placed an order of my own. 

Our order came within minutes of placing them and were freshly prepared in front of us. They were then sealed in cute bottles and handed over to us. The rates are really reasonable. Moreover, you get a loyalty card/ membership card/ disocunt card whatever you would like to call them ; where, if you purchase six juices you get the seventh one free. 

I would be honest, I was a little apprehensive about the taste since it contained no added sugar. Whatever sweetness was in them was because of the ingredients used in it. But, my Beetroot juice tasted amazing especially with the fresh ginger punch. 

I would say this place is great and you should come over at least once, even if it is just to experiment with the juice; and who knows you might genuinely like it.

Here, I would say what my friend had said ” It may not be very tasty but it is very healthy”.

Cheers to our good health 🙂 . 


P.S Please do not ask me why the bottle says Cowherds cause I really do not know. Thanks 😛


Hasty Tasty Pizza

I am usually a very laid back person who loves to take it easy. But at times, I have no option but to hurry up. In this haste, there have been many times when I have had to skip lunch. This has happened so many times with me back in Kolkata. But here in Manchester, it seems most people are always in a hurry and that is why, takeaway diners are present in every street and shopping malls. One such takeaway food outlet is the Hasty Tasty Pizza in Manchester Arndale. This is one of my favourite take -away  food outlets.


I was always a fan of Pizza but eating at HTP is an all new experience. You can try out their wide range of Pizzas (Veg. and Non Veg.) and Pretzels. There is something to please every taste bud. From Cheese Pizzas, to Vegetable Pizzas topped with Jalapeno and Cheese, to mushroom, chicken, bacon, ham, beef all kinds of non- Veg. Pizzas are available.


These Pizzas and Pretzels are made everyday in the HTP kitchen. So, we actually consume freshly baked and tasty food. The best part is, they are only pizza slices good enough for  solo consumption. Furthermore, they sell all their items at a very reasonable rate.

So, next time you come to Arndale stopping by at the HTP is a must!




LAL QILA: Rusholme

Typical Manchunian foods comprise sausages, tea, coffee, breads, salads and the lot, quite different from what I am used to.But, as they say Indians or Indian culture is everywhere, it did not take me too long to find out about Rusholme and Cheetham Hill. In Cheetham Hill, mostly Indian supermarkets are present where at times we go and buy groceries, but in Rusholme, Indian restaurants are present.What more, you can even get Indian sweets (mishti) here. Alright, let me start from the beginning. . . . . . . . 


Having got wet in the rain (not so willingly this time) I had caught a cold and was on a self proclaimed house arrest throughout New Year’s Day. Thus, when I felt better (read recovered) on the First of Jan, we decided to go out for lunch to Rusholme. Rusholme can be reached via Piccadilly (Buses 42,43 mostly). Once in Rusholme, you get to choose from a wide variety of restaurants where you want to dine. I had already been here once before, so, we decided to try a different restaurant than from the last time. So, Lal Qila it was!

Now Lal Qila is a Hindi word which means Red Fort (which reminded me of the Red Fort, Delhi). This restaurant is best for non-vegetarians (although vegetarian dishes are also available) and for those who like spicy food. From Chicken Tandoor (Indian style of barbequed chicken) to Naan, Salads, Papad, Kebabs everything is available. So, if you want to relive Indian taste in Manchester this place is where you should come. 


After lunch, we proceeded to buy some Indian Sweets from a nearby shop. On the way I saw an amazing Ice-Cream parlor called Gelatos. Yes I was suffering from a cold and had to restrict myself . . . . . but not for long! I plan to come here soon enough. Moving on to the Indian sweets, there were more varieties than you could count on your fingertips. From Rasgollas and  Gajar Ka Halwa to  Petha, Samosa, Nimkis and Kaju Barfi – everyting is available. It is possible to sit comfortably in the shops and try out some of the sweets or you can pack them up and take it home as well. 

Most important of all, this place is has highly ressonable rates of food throughout and thus I strongly recommend all my friends to visit this place once and get the feel of Indian Food.