Little Me in Everyone – Eddyee Siingh

Siingh’s book Little Me in Everyone is a wonderful perspective of one’s inner self. The unsilenced voice within everyone which stays on till the very end, is nothing short of a guarding spirit. This voice which encapsulates an individual’s whole is the Little Me, – a true friend, philosopher and guide. This eternal companion plays a crucial role in shaping one’s life. How one reacts to situations, what perspective one keeps towards life, how one deals with success, failures, heartbreaks, commitments and pride are all determined by the true guidance of the Little Me. Siingh touches upon all aspects of life throughout the book and delves deeper into the concept of Little Me revealing how ones life is best controlled by the choices they make.

From a very young age we are made aware of our inner self, a self which is the truest of all the masks that one wears and faces the world outside. This self, gauges the true outcomes of situations and decisions – good or bad! Often times, it is said when in doubt, close your eyes and listen to the Voice within! This voice is of none other than the Little Me. Every step that you take, every decision that you make through the mind or the heart, the guiding light behind them is that of Little Me; which strives to protect, motivate and help in taking the right decisions. Should you happen to neglect the inner voice and your attempt goes in vain, it still stands for you helping you cope up with the negativity around.

One can ask if the inner selfhas the power to overshadow an individual’s personality by making them too full of themselves. It cannot be denied that indeed ego and pride take birth within Little Me. But it is through the acquired knowledge that Little Me helps defeat any negative feelings. Pride, ego, aggression, superiority complex are latent qualities. One’s actions decide if any of these start having an overbearing effect on them. Flashes of these negative aspects of a personality is harmful and can have major influence on the way one thinks and behaves. Hence the need arises to dissolve them as soon as possible and continue living a holistic and mentally healthy life.  

Success and money are integral part of an individual’s life and cannot be ignored. However the key is in understanding that one must not run behind success and instead work hard to achieve self-set goals. Once the goals are achieved, success comes automatically. Money too is a necessity; but there is a fine line between being a necessity and being the reason to harbor self-pride. The Little Me constantly leads the individual to be on the safer limits of success and money so that none give rise to arrogance and overconfidence.

Siingh’s writing is very easy to grasp and the explanation of various concepts through short chapters makes it easy for the readers to understand, soak them in, and contemplate positively. He explains the entire circle of life by touching upon the idea of Little Me, emotions, pride, ego, self-doubt, success, money and relationships. Through Little Me one finds answers to several burning questions that they might have had about the inner self or the Voice within; which has always been an intriguing but an abstract conception. His ideas and explanations gives it shape and makes one conscious of its existence.

Little Me in Everyone is an eye opener in the way one thinks, functions and takes decisions. Indeed a brilliant read, it helps one connect to oneself a little more!

Page No: 265

Publisher: BlueRose Publishers

Available on: Flipkart / Amazon

Rating: 3.75/5

*Disclaimer: I would like to Thank Vinfluencers for giving me a review copy.

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