Looking for Miss Sargam by Shubha Mudgal

On the other side of the street stood a motley group of bystanders , loafers, and onlookers, on of whom decided to provide background music to the cheerless scene by singing tunelessly- with neither sur nor taal -the R.D Burman hit from Amar Prem : ‘ Yeh Kya Hua , Kaise Hua, Kab Hua, Kyun Hua. . . . . . . . . . . . .’  

Music is everywhere around us- in the cacophony of noises and in the silence of voices; in the rustling of the leaves and in the spluttering of the waves. But one needs to keep Looking for Miss Sargam as put in by ace singer, Shubha Mudgal in her debut book published by Speaking Tiger.

A collection of seven marvelous short stories, Looking for Miss Sargam highlights all things related to music and how with time the evolve with evolving human sentiments.  From the truth behind the star-studded cross-continental peace concerts to the life of a classical singer who finds herself in unbelievable circumstances during her debut foreign tour. From baring the minds of organizers and contestants of a proposed reality show to a marketing brainstorming session of reviving a recording label. From the wishes of being awarded the Padma Shree, to refusing and battling exploitation of talent and work. These and much more find a space in the pages of the book.

Music today is not just about sur, taal, and sargam,  it is about recognition, money, reality shows, copyright, exploitation, betrayal, and ruggedness shown by the narrow-minded people of the society. All these have been beautifully penned down in Looking for Miss Sargam. Described as ‘stories of music and misadventures’ it has the correct amount of spices and emotions thrown into it to attract the reader’s attention.

Armed with wit, comic situations hypocrisy, idiocy, the thirst to become somebody, etc. the characters Looking for Miss Sargam weave relatable, beautiful, and wise stories for the readers.

Publisher: Speaking Tiger

No. of pages: 201

Rating: 4/5

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