Home in the Hill : A Review

Home in the Hill by Muskaan Shah is a very relatable retrospective narration of a grand-daughter about her childhood. The story progresses through different chapters, each telling its own tale while leaving a moral at the end. Throughout the course of the story, the readers are introduced to various characters- the narrator, her grandmother, her comical neighbour, her cousins who were often partners in crime and her extended family. Home in the Hill comes with a bagful of incidents starting from humorous to horror from adventurous to thoughtful, from mischiefs to melancholy. The variety of emotions expressed in the pages of this book exposes the readers to a variety of circumstances.

Shah weaves a beautiful tale by penning down Home in the Hill which caters to not only the young but also the old. Every chapter has scenes which can be easily recollected by anyone- from being threatened to do ones homework or well in studies in order to visit their granny’s place or to embark on newer adventures when surrounded by a bunch of naughty cousins. The story also emphasizes on the relationship shared by a grandmother and her grandchildren. A grandmother is the matriarchal head of the family loving her grandchildren more than anyone, probably a tiny bit more than her own children. She is the go-to person in times of distress. She is the one woman who can make you laugh when you are low. She is the only one who forgets your mistakes, forgives you and yet teaches you some of the greatest lessons in life.

What touched me the most was the chapter where the children had to fake their grandmother’s illness in order to get the whole family come together. It caused me great pain to know that hectic work schedules are slowly distancing us from our near and dear ones, in fact, often from our parents who are ageing by the day. Each moment spent with them is precious, full of learning and filled with wisdom from years of experience.

Personally, it is a very good book for children and I would recommend the school libraries to keep a copy of it. Easy to understand with beautiful illustrations, it can be read by all ages and discussed upon while sharing real life experiences. The various facets of the book point out to principles which are imparted to children in their formative years- either by their parents or by their teachers during moral science classes.

Hence, I do recommend this book to all my friends. A light read with a powerful impact on the minds and hearts of the readers.

No. of Pages: 93

Publication: Notion Press

Rating: 3.75 5

*Disclaimer: I would like to thank Megha and Muskaan for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book.

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