Bury: Art, Memories and Black Pudding

I have a habit of picking up brochures about interesting places, tours, exhibitions, walks and so on. Thus, while browsing one such brochure, I came across the Bury Art Museum. Having done further research it was revealed that Bury is not very far from Manchester and can be easily squeezed into a day trip. What was even better was that the Bury Art Museum and The Fusilier Museum were both a two minutes walk from the bus station.  Hence, without much ado, I choose a bright weekend and boarded the bus to Bury. If you are travelling from Manchester, then the buses 163 and 135 leaving from Church Street are the best buses to catch.

The Metropolitan Borough of Bury rests on the bank of River Irwell. It is most famous for its Bury Markets, museums, arts and culture and of course the Black Pudding. In fact, former Bury resident Sir Robert peel had also served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Bury is well-connected to nearby boroughs through buses and metro links (trams)  I had gone in mind to visit the Bury Art Museum and The Fusilier Museum. Unfortunately, time did not permit me to stay and visit the open air markets or taste the black pudding as it started raining with thunderstorms.

Bury Art Museum:

One of the most famous art museums in the UK, the Bury Art museum was formerly known as the Bury Museum and Art Gallery before being given its revised name in 2011. The gallery consists of over 200 paintings and sculptures including water colours, oil paintings and sketches. Here are glimpses of some of the best photographs. The section I liked the most was the exhibition of a local photography competition. The photographs were truly inspiring and there was so much to learn about the technique from each of those photographs. At times, it seems that the vision is more important than the camera but one cannot rule out the improvement in the quality of the photographs due to a better camera. The Bury Art Museum is free to enter and would take around an hour and a half to visit all the galleries of photographs, paintings and sculptures. There is a souvenir shop that you can visit to get little tit bits for yourself. You can also order prints if you would like to have them for your personal collections. That apart, you can enjoy some tasty dishes in the local café.

The Fusilier Museum:

This museum commemorates the more than 300 years of history of the Lancashire Regiment. With the history of the Lancashire Regiment and the World Wars, it is an interesting museum to dig up the past and see how the brave hearts who fought for the country survived and lived. With almost human –like figurines at the exhibitions, at times you get confused whether they are humans or statues. The various artefacts of those days help us in transporting back to those times and almost reliving them. The Fusilier Museum is just opposite the Bury Art Museum. There is a nominal fee of 4.95 for adults and 3.95 for children and concessions. The ticket is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. When in the museum, you must have a look at the beautiful gardens with gravestones, sculptures and beautiful daffodils in bloom.


Bury is a lovely place to take a walk around in the city centre. As the bus station and both the museums are just in the city centre, we decided to have a little walk around before catching the bus back home. The Bury Church which was unfortunately closed is another must if you love to steal sometime and spend it in the quaint company of the almighty. You can also visit the World Famous Bury markets and pick up little souvenirs for yourself and of course try the black pudding. The Railway Museum is also another place worth visiting but it is more towards the interior of Bury and you would need to catch another bus or a cab to go to the museum.

Bury is a nice place to spend some time with friends and family. It is a melting pot of history and culture. I would not recommend spending the night here unless you have friends or relatives  but I would certainly recommend a day trip covering all the main sites and activities as it is totally worth it.

77 Replies to “Bury: Art, Memories and Black Pudding”

  1. That looks like an interesting museum! I had heard about Bury before, but I honestly wasn’t aware that it had so much to offer. I’ll try to make a trip up there next time I head to Manchester 🙂

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    1. Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. I know with UK its all about London, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland; but then there are places beyond these as well worth having a look at. I try to visit well known and not so well known places as well so see how they really are cause i believe no place is the way the people tell you about it till you go and see for yourself.


  2. I like the way you find these unusual places in UK. Adds to the thrill of the place and also, allows one to glimpse beyond those popular museums. Loved the pictures in your post. Thanks for sharing them all.

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  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to hit the market or the black pudding–I’m sure those would give neat photos. Neat when a town can have some good attractions and something special to eat.

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  4. I would love to visit the Bury Art Museum. I really love it when they combine themes of exhibitions showing the old and modern pieces of art at the same time. It is also great that they give an opportunity to the local photographers to speak their word through their photography.

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  5. I love it when a museum encourages local artists and exhibits their work. I think the photography section from Bury Museum is definitely worth having a look at. I remember visiting a small photography museum on a hidden street just off Oxford street and it was gorgeous how they encouraged small artists too.

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    1. Yes. I think exhibitions such as these are a great boost to local photographers. Because today anyone who owns a camera considers them to be a photographer, the real art is struggling to exist and come out.


    1. Yes. i agree there are less regular local markets but interestingly, local markets do exist. In Manchester there are the Spinningfields markets which happen one or two weekends every month; then there is the local market at Stockport; Bury ofcourse is there and one of the most famous ones; Even in Leeds Kirkstall Abeey every month they have the local market which you need to tally once with the website for the dates. So, I would not say its gone but less maybe because of the rising shopping malls and arcades.


  6. It looks like a lovely day trip. I, too, enjoy picking up brochures. I have found out about some really interesting places this way. I keep them on a prominent spot on my desk so I am reminded they are there for when I am looking for ideas for day trips. Bonus about the museums being so close to the bus station. Don’t you just love it when things fall into place like that.


  7. Oh! Your post makes me miss the UK, while living in London my weekend pass time would be visiting museums and art galleries which would have free enteries! It’s one of the nicest way to spend time alone.

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  8. Wow very cool! I’m an artist myself and frequently visit art museums. This one definitely goes on the list! If you’re ever in Seattle, do check out SAM (Seattle Art Museum), its a delight! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  9. Looks like you’ve had an amazing day trip! I haven’t been to Manchester or in the areas around it, but hope to squeeze it into my next UK trip. Art museums always catch my eye and it’s nice to see that this one is free to visit. Loved the idea of prints, as some of the art you see, you’d like to take home with you, even if it’s not the original 🙂

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    1. Yes. Usually you get these art pieces in the form of post cards but its always great to have them in prints that you can frame. I mean post cards can be framed too, but it doesnt give the same feel or effect.


  10. This is a very interesting place to visit. As an art and photography lover myself, I can spend hours at this museum. The local photography exhibit in the museum sounds like an interesting section.

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    1. Aww. Maybe next time you can try using your phone very quietly when the magpie is there. Cause burds usually fly away when they hear noises. So it gets difficult to photograph them.


  11. Quaint settings and a lovely museum. You seem to find the most out of the way but, fantastic places to visit. I am not sure if I would like the town or the museum best but, probably the town. Many times the smaller out of the way spots are the most fun.

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