Vintage Fair @ Manchester Cathedral

The High Walls of the Manchester Cathedral hosted the amazing Vintage Fair on the 26th and 27th of August 2016. This two-day affair was full of fun and frolic. Not only were there vintage items for sale ranging from dresses, hats, post cards and jewellery but also a drinks stall to grab a cool glass of gin or whatever you fancy. The main highlight of the fair, in my opinion was the dance floor where the heart of the fair resided. It is said that a man never grows old ; he always retains the child in himself. the dance floor was a personification of this statement.

I would rather let the photographs do the talking in this post instead of me detailing it.


One of my furry friends came to visit the fair as well. Didn’t really get a chance to speak to him though.


With the summers slowly fading away into Autumn/Fall coats are a necessity in Manchester. These collection of fur winter coats were a beautiful range.


Beautiful lamp shade isn’t it? Straight from the yesteryear collection.


This beautiful puppet caught my attention, I do not really know for what particular reason. I am not really fond of dolls, but at times these puppets and dolls do catch my attention. I loved the look on the face of this one coupled with his (I assume his) beautiful clothes.


This lovely doll too caught my attention. The beautifully created headgear with so many different colours bring in an atmosphere of colour, positivity and cheerfulness while looking at it.


Pretty umbrellas to carry with you! And one sure did have a whole of dresses to choose from to match this umbrella with πŸ™‚

vintage photos

This is probably my favourite part of the fair. beautiful dresses. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. I would be glad to know which ones you liked.

And lastly, didn’t I tell you about the dance floor. . . . . . . Hold your breath more to come . . . A live trailer of what happened on the dance floor.

Hope you enjoyed this small post about an amazing fair and would be able to join in next year. You can check out their Facebook page at Β for more updates and photographs πŸ™‚ I would be back again in no time with another one of my adventures. πŸ™‚


84 Replies to “Vintage Fair @ Manchester Cathedral”

  1. Oh Manchester, oh vintage!! Two wonderful things about Britain if I say so myself!! I love a good rummage around fairs, you never know what you’ll find.

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  2. There’s a similar vintage fair organised about twice in year in Bournemouth too. Sadly, I never went to. I see from your post though that I should go, even just to see those beautiful dresses and imagine how women used to dress at the beginning of the century. My grandma actually used to have a fur coat like that, with a fox collar. I used to love that collar, it actually had to head of the fox on it.

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  3. Video is cute, they look so happy dancing. I love their dresses, even though I would never wear that myself. Looks like you had fun!


  4. I don’t particularly like vintage fairs, since most of the time you find things that people need to get rid of. But in this case, from your pics, it seems to be a fair with some style!

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  5. Same as you, I also love and very enthusiast with vintage fairs, coz that’s where I dig most of my outfits and its quite cheaper. Great photos too!
    Well except that I have to comment on your cutey furry friend, then follows a furry coat???? Hhmmm..

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    1. Oh thats lovely. I look for smaller brooches and jewellery. I do not permanently live in Manchester and will return back home this year. So I try to keep light weight things in my suitcase. πŸ™‚


  6. Who doesn’t like vintage, right? It’s really lovely especially the clothes! I would love to go to a fair like this, there’s so much stuff to discover and see. I love the dresses near the end of the post, they’re a classic.

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    1. Yes. there were so many dresses of these types up for sale. But I captured only the ones which I liked and were colourful than the rest. Which one did you like the most out of the four?


  7. Fairs are always exciting to go to, you’ll never know what you’ll find or who you’ll bump into! It’s just always fun and it’s perfect for the summer! I think this is such a lovely one!

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    1. Yes. I quite agree with you. I love fairs too. Vintage ones are great because not only you get things from an era gone by but you get to hear and interact with people who narrate stories about their lives and times which are amazing.


  8. Love this post as my blog is about all things Vintage. I know Manchester well as my husband works there.This vintage fair look great and I’m sorry I missed it. Loved the older couples dancing too.

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  9. The vintage fair looks like a haven for antique lovers, I have to say the second doll captured my attention and I am not entirely sure why. I think it looks rather unique and the umbrella looked cool too xx

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  10. Lovely post. I was in Manchester couple of weeks ago and I must say, what a fantastic city! There are lots to do when you are out and about. Love the pictures on the post and hope to see more.

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