Southport: To Do List for a Day Trip

After my tragic train ride to the Lake district, I was a bit apprehensive towards taking the ride to Southport. But, by God’s Grace this ride was unlike the previous one and though very early in the morning it was a comfortable and pleasant ride. As usual the scenery changed from Manchester to  its outskirts; the fields with horses and sheeps grazing around; the lush open greenery restricted by the likes of one lonely house at the end of the horizon. After about a nearly one hour journey, we reached Southport. As summer approached Manchester, at times the temperatures rose quite an extent with long rainless days; thus the prospect of visiting a beach was quite refreshing. Alas! The sun decided to be moody that very day and evaded the sky. It was cloudy, dark and windy but not bad enough to affect the high spirits of the people. There were still lots of amazing things to do in Southport without the Sun.

Here is my list of top 10 things to do in Southport (with or without Mr [Read Moody 😛 ] Sun )

  1.  Visit Model Railway Village and Adjoining Parks 

A short walk from the train station leads you to the model Railway village. It is quite an interesting experience visiting this exhibit. From miniature villages, trains, train station to people, churches and canals everything was beautifully recreated in this museum. There is a nominal fee of £4 per adult and £3.50 per child/concession to visit this museum. It reminded me of the Cartoon Thomas and his Friends . this would be an ideal place for children. You can also collect an activity sheet from the reception and have fun solving it with your child. The kind lady at the reception handed me one too, which i politely passed onto my parents and started playing with my own puzzle- my camera (Why I called it a puzzle? everyday I discover new features and wonders of this little machine ; it sure deserves to be called a beautiful puzzle).

Adjacent to the Railway Village is a children’s park. From bungee jumping, rope-way travelling and swings , care has been taken that your child does not get bored. Adult supervision is always given while the children are playing and the grounds are large enough to actually have a mini-picnic there itself.

2. Boating in the Lake 

Southport Promenade provides family boating facilities in the Lake. A minimum fees is to be paid for hiring a boat for a certain amount of time from the ticket booth nearby. This boating experience offers great views and an experience of a lifetime.

3. Golfing 

Perhaps not something usually heard of near a sea beach, but Southport does have a golfing centre as well. In fact, to not offend the children, there is also a children’s Golf arena beside the one for the adults.

4. Eating out in the open air pubs/inns/restaurants with Live music

One of the best ways to chill and enjoy the cold wind of the beach is to visit an open air pub/restaurant and relax with a glass of beer/ soft drinks / food ; listening to live music and dancing (well not literally) to its rhythmic beats. And Yes Southport Restaurants serve Fish ‘n’ Chips which is a must try. Since I do not eat fish, I am giving you the opinions of my parents who have tasted it and testified it as good food.

5. Walking the length of the Southport Pier 

Walking along the entire length of the pier would take around an hour. It is actually very interesting how the scene changes on both sides. From restaurants, Funland, Golf Course, Main Road, Beach and then finally endless water on both side- everything can be seen in this one hour walk. Interestingly, you even get to see the Blackpool Tower from the Southport Pier, which is a sight that cannot be missed !

6. Taking a tram ride along the Pier 

Another brilliant way to explore the pier within ten minutes is to take the tram which runs the entire length of the pier. For just a £2 fee per person you can ride the entire pier within minutes. We decided to walk till the end of the pier and take the tram ride back to the starting point.

7. Trying your luck at the Games 

Let me tell you, my luck is not very good with these games. However I would not discourage you to try yours.  Apart from Funland, there are several Game booths scattered all over Southport where you can play games and if luck is on your side, WIN SOMETHING!!!!

8. Visit the Beach 

Instead of heading towards the pier, if you take the road below it , you would reach the beach. I had not gone to the beach but witnessed most of the interesting happenings from the pier itself. Kids, building sand castles running about in the water to fill in their tubs , dogs running about here and there playing catch the ball, children holding their parents hands and enjoying the touch of the cold water on their feet, some brave hearts even joined in for a little swim – these sights and more filled the beach scene on both sides of the pier. Just beside the beach is the Southport Eye and the Amusement Park. Though we skipped it but if at the beach then it is one of the recommended activities to do.

9. Shopping at the Wayfarers Victorian Arcade

This glass roofed Victorian shopping mall hosts a lot of labels – fashion, lifestyle, food and the likes. My personal favourites were an antique shop selling interesting curios of Southport and England and a beautiful stone jewellery shop.

10. Taking a stroll around the town 

After visiting the pier and having lunch, we still had sometime before our train arrived and decided to take a stroll along the city. We did not deviate too much from the Southport Station so as to be able to return in time for our train and yet managed to catch some exciting sights. The Fountain built in the middle of a park in the Memory of the people’ s princess Lady Diana, had become a local shower for the kids to take a bath of sorts. The various beautiful buildings and sculptures including several obelisk reflected the history of this port city. Interestingly, the Wishing Well was on a sabbatical from granting wishes. And when in Southport, you cannot miss its more-than-30-flavours of ice creams available in every shop.

Southport is very much a city whose essence can be enjoyed whole heartedly within a day. I recommend it as a day trip for anyone who would love to go to a beach during summers and otherwise. Let me know in a comment below which activity/s  did you like the best amongst the ones listed here or if I have missed anything that you particulary enjoyed in Southport. I hope you enjoy the sights of Southport till I come back with another one of my adventures. I would leave you with a photograph that I shot from the pier. . . . . . .



69 Replies to “Southport: To Do List for a Day Trip”

  1. This pretty little town seems tailor made for families. I can actually see the relaxed vibes of this place from the photos and also the nicely worded descriptions you have provided here. I kinda love that pier, somehow feels quite relaxing.

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  2. I would love to visit Southport, I think I would never get bored. FIrst activity/attraction I would choose: the model railway village since I’m so in love with trains!

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  3. Those model trains are so amazing! And an entire village of them? I don’t know about children, but it would be hard to get me out of there. The pier looks amazing as well. And although that tram is cute, I’d enjoy walking all the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, Yes, who says that the model village is only for kids. There were so many elders there enjoying the beauty of the village. It attracts people of all ages . Yes, I walked all the way to the end of the pier too, but then took a tram ride back , cause of the time crunch.


    1. Yes. it takes a lot of your time to just walk that length and admire the beauty of the place. interestingly you can also see the Blackpool Towers from the pier. so, kind of two attractions in a day 🙂


    1. Well, this is quite a tricky statement cause if you visit Wales, the shoreline is lined up with beautiful beaches from Cardiff in the South to Conwy and Llandudno in the North. But Southport, for the day I visited, it might not be fitting very well with the standard definition of a beach.


    1. Welcome. Im so glad you liked it. Its a beautiful place . May not be a must visit in the UK but if its near your place and you have a free weekend definitely worth enough to squeeze it into your travel plans. 🙂


  4. I think I would go for the arcade and the open-air chipper, though a walk along the shore would be brilliant as well. This place looks like it’s been a get-away spot for some time.

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  5. What a fantastic place to go on a day trip! You have curated such a good guide for visitors with a lot of information on where to go and what to do. I can imagine myself purchasing an ice-cream and strolling down the pier. Thanks for the post Subhadrika!

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  6. Hello,
    I think if I am just living near your area, and I have a long-weekend to spend, I would choose this place. A long weekend of fun and excitement with friends and family (or even solo, not bad though). And will bring also my camera for capturing memories. Thanks for sharing, Dear!

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  7. I really have to explore more of the England. There is so much to do here I think you could easily fill a weekend packed with activities. My children would really enjoy the model railway and the adjoining children’s park.

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  8. One of the things I always do if I am visiting a place for the first time is search the top 10 things to do, I think that the list you have put together is a lot of fun and really dynamic because its something you can do with a group of people or if you are two visiting. I think my favorite part of a trip to Southport would be strolling around the town on the other hand my leat favorite from the list would be the games. Which was your favorite part of the day?


    1. I always do a background check of the things to do. But end up doing what I really want to do which might be very different from the usual activities. One thing which is a must at any place for me is to go for long walks. I avoid transport unless its like the hop on hop off city tours. Also, I like taking a long walk at night after dinner to explore how the city looks at night.
      In Southport, Id say my favourite part of the day was spent photographying the model railway village and walking across the pier. Ill be wrong if I say I didnt like games but my interest in them is reducing day by day as I think I end up losing a lot of money while playing it than actually winning anything . (I have however won two soft toys in the past and that was all my luck would have me win) 😛 .


    1. Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. Yes, Boating is almost available in any place in the UK which is near the beach , alke or water. Interestingly, that reminds me I havnt done boating in any of these places myself. Gosh have to put that on my list now 😛


  9. Wow sounds like there are many fun things to do in Southport. I would probably go for the miniature railroad village attractionand shopping. Always nice to learn about new places. Thank you for the post.

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    1. Definitely, the train village is very unusual and not something usually heard of while speaking about museums. 🙂 Im sure you would like a walk / tram ride across the pier as well.


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