Remembering 100 Years of Somme

What has notably been named as one of the Bloodiest Battles in the History of the British Army, The Battle of Somme was fought from 1st July to 18th November 1916 . This war was fought between the British and the French army on one side and the German army on the other. It is believed that over one million people were killed or wounded in this battle; around 19, 250 men died on one day alone; turning the battlefield into a river of blood. The battle is notable for the importance of air power and the first use of the tank.

Today, on the 1st of July, Manchester commemorated a 100 years since that dreadful day which snatched many sons, husbands, brothers and fathers from the people of Britain . All over the UK various services and parades were held marking a hundred years of the battle. In Manchester, the Service commenced by laying  wreaths in St. Peter’s Square, followed by a parade from Albert Square to Manchester Cathedral where another memorial service was to take place in the evening. Friends and families of those who had fought and lost a lot in the battle, were given the opportunity to make their personalised remembrances which would then be put together and finally offered at the Heaton Park Memorial . Heaton Park used to serve as a military training ground in those days; thus it would deem fit for the remembrances to be laid down there. 

The service at St Peter’s Square started at 1:30 pm. It was attended by George Osborne, Lord Mayor of Manchester – Carl Austin- Behan, Bishop of Manchester – Revd David Walker, Royal British Legion Chaplain- Rt. Revd. James Newcome ,  Bishop of Salford – Rt Revd, John Arnold . dignitaries from various consulates and a military band. Gun Fires marked and concluded a two minutes silence for the event. The event was live streamed by the BBC. 

Live Streaming of St Peter’s Square Commemoration
St Peter’s Square 

Thereafter a small parade was organised which originated from the Town Hall and concluded in Manchester Cathedral. Not only was the military and the brass bands a part of this parade; but also those whose descendants fought in the war took part in it. 

Inspecting the grounds before the parade began 
Albert Square, Town Hall
The Parade Begins
Hundreds Await The Parade 



The Battle of Somme indeed formed a part of the horrific and dark history of the British Army.Nevertheless, one cannot forget that those who laid down their lives did so to bring glory to their nation and a better future for the next generation. Thus,we must always salute their courage and bravery and uphold their strong ideals of patriotism and nationalism . 



36 Replies to “Remembering 100 Years of Somme”

  1. I’m glad that you decided to share this. I am afraid that as old war heroes have died that people will slowly forget about hugely significant battles like this. It’s especially important to make sure young people know what these events are for.

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  2. I visited Verdun, France last year. Verdun is one of the largest and longest battles of the First World War. It’s so moving to see how these men put their lives on the front lines to defence their countries. You capture the event really well through your writing and your amazing photos.

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  3. It’s so heartbreaking, so many lives were lost and yet it’s just another day in our history. Although, I am glad that people still recognize this day and celebrate it. It’s awesome though, that even after 100 years they are honored for their sacrifices!

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  4. Great to see that events like this are still well-commemorated and let today’s people to know what really happened and who should be thanked for. Anyway, your photos documented well this event. 🙂

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  5. Love your images. I have never heard of this before. Thanks for the history lesson. It’s nice that they honor those who lost their lives fighting for their country. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. It’s so important to remember the past and history. I always think it’s great and also important to remmeber those people who fought for the free country in the past and sacrificed their lives so that we could have that freedom now.

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  7. It saddens me that so many lives young and old were lost and I am proud to remember them and what they did for a country. This is why I don’t believe in war because it needlessly kills the young and old and for what? For prosperity perhaps but we should be more civilized and stop using guns as a way of resolving conflict.

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    1. Oh, So i guess the post fits well with your recent podcast. The other day I saw a documentary by BBC on photography during the First World War. if possible you can watch that too. Its simply amazing. . . .


  8. It sounds like a somber event. But, I agree, it’s important to honor those who were willing to give themselves for others. Impressive that such an effort is made 100 years later.

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