Tower of London & Tower Bridge

My first look at the Tower of London, was accompanied by a question why are the towers looking grey when they look brown on television? 

After stopping for a quick-lunch at Horse Guards Parade,  we got up on another Hop-On Hop -Off bus and got down at the bus stop for the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. at the onset, let me tell you that I did not enter the Tower of London, but that didnt stop me from getting some photographs of the Tower. What I enjoyed the most was the beautiful Tower Bridge , although I’ m still debating about its colour.


This photograph was taken from the steps leading to the Thames Bank. at 3:30 pm in the afternoon, the sun was glowing like it was mid-day and there were people all around. Some tourists like us, some school children, out for a walk after a hectic school day, some rushing for corporate meeting in the nearby offices; the bank was abuzz with activities.


Getting a closer look of the Tower Bridge, made me wonder how lucky I was to have been able to witness one of the historic sites of London. Whenever, London is spoken of The Tower Bridge is the first thing that comes to the minds of most people; and quite rightly so. 


Here is another version of the same photograph. I somehow liked the ambience and wanted to immortalize it in Black and White.


This was shot while walking on the Bridge . 


This skyline says it all- Why London is the business capital of the world? 


As we were nearing the Tower, I was wondering why it looked so small. I did not realise that I was only seeing a small glimpse of it from the sides.


This and much more beyond the castle ramparts is what years of London’s history stands for inside the Tower of London. Looking at this frame in reality, reminded me of two things. First, if any place in this world was truly haunted then maybe it is the remnant of the executing prison in front of me. Further, while taking a round of the castle walls I came across a moat, which reminded me of my great memories of falling in the moats of every fort I had visited back in India. Thankfully, this one spared me! Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a must visit and is a top priority on my bucketlist. I have already started making plans for my second visit to London to see the Tower of London especially. 

On our way back from the Tower, I started playing with the framing of the London Eye and its surroundings. Here are some of the photographs. 





Here are some important information about the Tower: 

Address:  London EC3N 4AB

Opening Times: Tuesday- Saturday 9 AM- 5:30 PM 

                                Sunday and Monday 10 AM- 5:30 PM

Entry Fees:  Adult: £25; Child : £12; Student Concessions: £19.50 

                        Note : All rates are reduced by £2 when booked online. 


Do let me know which is your favourite photograph and why? I would come back next week again with the final destination of my London Vacation- The Royal Buckingham Palace. 

57 Replies to “Tower of London & Tower Bridge”

  1. The Tower Bridge is a must see for every London visitor. I think your photograph is brilliant and very unique. My favorite photo is no. 4. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I was to the London Bridge one month ago and I was lucky enough to see it with a blue sky. then, when i went back on foot to the London Eye, it was already cloudy ;-P
    I find those places so full of magic and mystery!

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  3. I like the B/W photo of the bridge the best. I’m partial to B/W – I think it’s so elegant and classic and brings me back to the photography golden years when film was king and Ansel Adams was taking breathtaking landscapes.

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  4. Beautiful pictures of the London Bridge and the castle as well. I love London for its rich history and it is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit if you’re planning a trip. I really love the pictures you posted here.

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  5. I want to go to London SOOOOOO bad! This looks absolutely incredible and beautiful. I wish I had done more sight seeing before having kiddos.

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    1. Well maybe you can take your kids along. there are many attractions for kids. Theres an aquarium, the London Eye, The Dungeon and you get compressed passes for three atractions. So you guys can have fun.


  6. My favourite is the one in black and white 🙂 It’s funny , the last time I have visited London, I have taken many pictures of the same places you did. Haven’t been to London for at least 1 year now. Seeing these pictures makes me want to visit it again soon.

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  7. I love Tower Bridge so much more than London Bridge. London is my most favorite place in the whole world (that l’ve been). Very nice images you have there. I love that whole area. Even after 20 plus visits to London over the years, l never cease to find something new 🙂

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  8. You have posted some really nicely shot photographs. The first time I saw the Tower of London and the other attractions around London was on a cold night when my family was visiting from Canada. Back then, we were living in the North East of England.

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    1. Wow, your friend is lucky to have found a rooftop terrace. I didnt find one till date . Not in London neither in Manchester. But do let me know if there are any such places which are accessible easily. Thanks.


  9. I never thought about the color of the Tower Bridge, I’ve never seen the browns and the grays. And these days I see it quite often as I am studying inside the Shard, so I pass by it every time I go to my course. Good observation. 🙂 Did you see it open too?

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