Manchester Irish Markets and Parade

Town Hall. . . . .
Town Hall. . . . .

Sundays are actually boring for me. The same old waking up, sitting with my laptop and going to bed after dinner. But this Sunday was special. It was filled with an amazing day at the Albert Square. I was earlier informed through Facebook about the Irish Markets and Parade to take place in Albert Square (Markets from 10th-13th March and parade on 13th March); but sadly due to College, work and other commitments missed the first three days of it. But, as they say, the best is saved for the last; thus I got to see the best part of the event on Sunday.

I had arrived well before the parade was due and thus had extra time to look around. Albert Square was  unrecognisable with tents of food and souvenir items for the people, who had come to partake in the activities. There were rides for the children and makeshift cafe’s serving Irish beer for the adults. 

IMG_0830-001After waiting  for about an hour (well-looking around and clicking photographs to be honest), the parade started approaching. It began its journey from Cheetham Hill and ended at Albert Square. It was one of the most amazing parades I had seen in my life. From dancers, instrument players, to animals and mascots (read snake, dogs, sheep ); from trucks to vintage cars ; and most importantly the smiling faces of the people who had walked around ten miles to reach Albert Square, made the parade truly special. It would be unfair to mention the absolutely amazing security arrangements who looked after the needs of each and everyone in the audience and those in the parade. 

IMG_0889-001The smile on the faces of the people, especially the children did not reflect their wait and patience under the bright sun (In fact, it was the hottest day of my life here in Manchester). The parade was exactly half an hour-long and ended at 2pm after which a huge crowd of around 1000 people dispersed. Everywhere I looked, people were enjoying and merrymaking with their friends and families. They wore Irish hats, had glasses of Irish beer in their hands, sang along the tunes of the songs being played on the loudspeaker. 

On my way back home, I saw that as an extension of the festivities, Exchange Square too had arranged for various rides . They were great to look at although one particular ride (Read Height around 45 feet) looked really scary. 

It was a well spent Sunday where I was introduced to Irish culture and customs and through this post would like to share it with you as well. I leave you with some photographs of the event. 

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AAAnd here is a glimpse of the parade in action. 

12 thoughts on “Manchester Irish Markets and Parade

  1. I love parades so much, they always manage to put a big smile on my face! I watched your video and it felt as if I was there too, that was such a great idea to film it, plus the music playing in the background instantly puts me in a festive mood! 🙂
    Here in Italy we do have parades quite often, especially in small villages and during some specific holidays, but I have never been to an Irish one, it must have been amazing!

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    1. Yes. An Irish Parade in Manchester was certainly not something I would miss. I would love to hear more about parades in Italy. What sort of parades do you have there? Do you go to any of them? Have you filmed it?

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      1. One that I like a lot is the “Palio di Asti”, which happens every year in September really close to where I live. It’s basically a parade where people dress up in medieval clothes, dance and play drums. There are also lots of flag wavers, it’s a very picturesque atmosphere. Unfortunately I never filmed one of those, but you can see an example here: 🙂

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      2. Oh wow. . .i had heard about such parades . good to know more about it. Maybe this year you can film it and put it up on your blog if you are around at that time. 🙂

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      3. Absolutely, I hope I’ll be able to attend it this year as well! 🙂

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  2. I love parades. It seems like there just aren’t as many of them anymore. Everyone is happy at a parade!

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    1. I have seen parades on television till date that too of our Republic Day in India. this is the first live parade. so I was very excited and wanted to document it as much as possible.


  3. What an experience to remember. ☘

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    1. Yes, truly it was a great experience. 🙂


  4. Nice story and the photos make it come to life. My personal preference are for photos and words as I try and do in my blog
    I was in Manchester last week and will do a blog later this week on that fine city too. Congratulations

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    1. Great to know you were in Manchester and will do a blog. I would be most interested in reading it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. 🙂 I loved your blog too. 🙂

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      1. Thats kind. Keep reading my blog, I think I will make a big effort to get new followers. Seems its easy to get folks to read my football stuff, but the other more interesting articles not so easy. So spread the word if you feel like it!

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