Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

The Whitworth Art Gallery, is everything that a modern , contemporary art gallery would look like. It is interactive, educational, innovative, mind-boggling and aesthetically beautiful. What is more interesting is that, the Gallery is set in a park- The Whitworth Park. So, on a Sunday afternoon I set out on the search of this innovative gallery amidst the greens (that is what I like to call it). 


On entering the park, I saw lots of people . A group of young boys went by laughing and smiling with cans of soda in their hands. An elderly couple were taking a nice evning stroll. A cute Shi Tzu (puppy) was trying very hard to sniff and find something (I wonder what it was trying to find out though) and then there were some people who were (like me) on their way to the Gallery.Above is a photograph of the Whitworth Park.  


This is the entrance to the Gallery. What looked like a beautiful colonial mansion with arched balconies and pillars now housed a variety of art exhibitions, educational space, cafe  and a library. what more, the Gallery also has its own Sculpture Garden. It holds regular debates and seminars in the cafe area . Below are some of the artworks at display.


This abstract mural which takes up an entire wall almost, sparks of vibrant colours. Some the amalgamation of so many bright colours in one work of art cheers me up. 


The traditional items of every art gallery in the world- Medieval Paintings.


This gigantic textile display positioned right in the middle of the exhibition room catches your eyes the moment you enter the room. 


A very simple concept, to illuminate the writings from inside so that they can be read by the people outside. 


This piantings caught my eyes. Somehow, I could interpret it as the presence of many themes in one single frame. From bondage, childhood, rage, misery, fear, rivalry -all these themes could be seen when you look closely at the painting.


To be honest, this is my favourite sculpture in the whole gallery. The beautiful over-extending gown with hair dangling from the woman’s hand is spooky but elegant to look at. (Yes, the hair is real.  . . .)


A number of paintings depicting everyday life is displayed in the photography section. It is really difficult to photograph them due to the strong lights and heavy reflections on the glass. But even then i managed to take a photo of this cute baby held by (maybe) his father. 

IMG_9578Lastly, but not the least, the beautiful patterns of this dress needed to be captured by my camera. 

Whitworth Art Gallery, is a Gallery with a cause and for a cause. It aims to welcome people of all social class into its walls (and gardens)  and educate them , for art is everywhere. Every academics can be explained by means of art. In fact, contemporary art uses a lot of science in it as well. Thus, it truly uphelds the age-long saying that Science and art are two sides of the same coin. 

Furthermore, this gallery runs mostly on charity, donations and revenues earned from the Gallery cafe and shop. Here are some essential details about the Gallery.

Address: The University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER

How to Go?

Bus:  42, 18

Train: Regular trains run from the Victoria Station, Piccadilly Station and Crescent to Oxford Road. 

Opening Times:Everyday  10 AM- 5 PM (Thursdays 10 AM- 9 PM)



55 Replies to “Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester”

  1. Art is everywhere, indeed! It’s galleries like this that keep you wanting to see more. I really love that the theme is about everyday life. That dress in the last picture is just breathtaking!

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  2. Wow. Your favorite sculpture is my favorite too! You remind me that it’s been way too long since I visited an art gallery. I should do something about that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well i think you should put on your walking shoes , wear comfy clothes and run/walk/cycle/take a bus to the nearest art gallery ; soak in the beauty of the artworks; and write a beautiful blog post about it 😛


    1. Absolutely. Manchester is an amazing place to visit. In fact depending on where you come from, you can also make a day trip to this city. Most of the places are way too near all the three main train stations and coach stop. 🙂


    1. Yes, it is truely intersting. i must admit I am not too fond of contemporary art probably because i dont understand it very well. But it is interesting to see some of them once in a while. So many different perceptions and perspectives of the same idea.


  3. You make Manchester feel like a must place to visit 🙂 Always great tips where to visit there. As I mentioned already earlier it’s great that you concentrate on one thing at a time and give so many details of it 🙂 Thanks again!

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    1. Thanks for liking the posts. Manchester is really a great place to visit. Let me be honest, there are more places to visit in the city and I havnt been able to visit all of them myself . . .


  4. I like the place and the art pieces you have photographed, as well as its cause.

    Visiting museums is one of my family’s favorite thing to do. Besides being in awe of the wonderful displays, you also get to learn the history behind those.

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  5. Whitworth Gallery is definitely a must visit in Manchester. I used to live really near the park a few years ago, with a flat mate. Too bad it rains way too much here to properly enjoy the nice parks.

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  6. I love a good art gallery and even from the outside this looks intriguing. I am drawn to that sculpture with the woman with the huge dress and hair! Art is so interesting and can keep you in there for hours!

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