A Glimpse of Glasgow

Glasgow the third largest city of the United Kingdom boasts of its history, culture, heritage, tradition , education and architectural glory. Interestingly, Glasgow is not only a centre for culture and arts but also for science and commerce. Very rarely can a city be seen which has an amalgamation of all three streams – art, commerce and science. 

Travelling to Glasgow off late has become really hectic, due to massive floods. The trains are delayed and at times, passengers are shifted to coaches that take them to Glasgow from Carlisle by road. This delay actually takes a lot more time than it usually takes to reach Glasgow. 

Having gone there for a personal visit, I did not get time to take too many shots of the city. However, here are few shots that I did manage to get . 


This lantern caught my attention as it hung proudly singing of the historical glory of the city right outside the Glasgow Central Station.


Fish ‘n’ Chips is an inseparable part of this culture. Every street and corner has one eatery which serves this item on their menu. I personally do not fancy eating fish so much so I rather concentrate on the ‘chips’ part. 😛 


Taken right outside the station, this shot and the next one summarizes the beautiful and sheer architectural elegance of the city. a blend of the modern and the medieval is clearly depicted in the city, the streets, shops, restaurants and most importantly, its people.



This was taken from the window of my relative’s wedding venue. These house sure have a charm about themselves which is not easily found in all places. 


So, this is the entrance to the Wedding Venue. It is the government venue where newly weds have to come and get themselves registered. It was way too cold outside (probably because it was pouring and Glasgow is situated in the North), so this is the only shot that I could take.


I really liked the look of this chandelier (well-kind of ). It is modern, elegant and quite contemporary. 


I found this really well-lit building on my way to the bus station in the evening.


And this is my last shot in the city. It was taken right outside the bus station where we were to catch the bus to Manchester.

To be honest, I was always apprehensive of making a one day trip to Glasgow but since I had no way to spend the night in the city, I could not do much. I tried to make most of my stay in the city for these few hours. But frankly, Glasgow is NOT a city meant for a day trip. If I have a chance, I would go back to these beautiful sights yet again and for a longer time. There are lots of places to be seen in this city and I would shortly write about them in another post. Till then enjoy these few sights of the historic city. 🙂 

32 Replies to “A Glimpse of Glasgow”

  1. I have never been to Scotland yet because it is too far from where I live and I don’t drive. I live in the South and it would take the whole day to travel to Glasgow. But I would love to visit. Scotland is definitely on my travel list for the near future.

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    1. Maybe you take a flight from your place and then travel around Scotland by bus. I understand you completely cause I live far from Scotland too and it takes almost half a day to reach the place. And being a student I find Scotland very expensive for a holiday. Its on my list but when I have a bigger and better budget. 🙂


    1. I envy you 😛 I always wanted to go to Edinburg but as a student I find it kind of expensive. Are there budget places to stay (hotels/ dorms / hostels / lodges etc. ) ? I would love to come for a visit in Edinburg once I get accommodation sorted.


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