From Manchester to Glasgow

My recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland was full of memories. Even though I was not very happy, for I was to stay there only for a day, nevertheless I was determined to make most of the trip (who knows I may not get a chance to come back later). It was decided way back in December that I was to accompany my parents for a day trip to Glasgow to attend a wedding. Though, ideally it would have been great to have stayed a night there, but due to lack of time and resources, such an arrangement could not be made. So, we decided to take a train to Glasgow and a bus while returning to Manchester. 

I am a late riser. I do not clearly recall the number of days when I have seen the sun rising with my own eyes. My eyes usually open when the sun is happily illuminating the whole world. But, for this trip I had to get up at 4 am in the morning. 4 am in Manchester is nothing like I had ever imagined. It was pitch dark outside with one or two street lights glowing in the dark. There was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Occasionally a  car passed by on the main road. It was dark and cold and everything else that would make you want to go back to sleep. But I fought sleep for the first time in my life, to enjoy Glasgow. We caught the train at 7 :15 am when it was still pitch dark outside and I saw no point in taking photographs from the train because the reflection would have anyway spoilt it. So, it was not until we reached Oxenholme that I could see some light outside my window and less reflection of the interiors of the train, that I decided to take my camera out. 


This photograph of the Oxenholme Train Station is literally my very first photograph of the journey. There were not many people at the station at such an early hour and that is why the station looks deserted.


This is a landscape that I took when we were headed towards the Penrith North Lakes . 


This too is shot in the Penrith. 


I could sit for hours and just admire the beautiful views outside the windows. How often had I wished if only I could stop the train , get out and take a photograph without the glass windows in between my camera and the scenery. 


I do apologise for the poor quality of this photograph. But at least one can make out that these are  a bunch of lambs grazing. However, I did wonder quite often why are they marked in red or blue? If you do know the answer let me know please. 


After a vast stretch of endless greenery, I could finally see some settlement. 


This was on my way to Carlisle. 


Finally, the orange-ish streaks of the sun rays could be seen after heavy rain en route Carlisle. 


I remember competing with my mother to take a photograph of these ruins as we were entering the Carlisle Station. For some reason, she seemed more enthusiastic to take the photograph than me with her mobile camera. So, I let her take the photograph and used a zoom lens to capture whatever I could. To be honest, I was probably feeling a little lazy too, to get up from my seat and take a photograph. 😛 .


This is a view of the Carlisle Train Station. The train usually goes all the way to Glasgow, but due to heavy floods, the service terminated in this station and we were transferred onto a coach (bus) which would drop us in front of the Glasgow Central Station. The duration from Carlisle Station to Glasgow Central via a coach is almost two hours and five minutes long. 


Right outside the Carlisle Station, I found this massive medieval looking turret. I liked it and captured it. I have no idea what it is because I was running out of time to stop by and ask someone about it. Although, it does resemble the ancient watch towers ! For some strange reason it reminded me of the Titanic and the guys who were supposed to keep a lookout for the icebergs. I guess moving up North, the cold had already started to get to my head. 


So, this is Carlisle in a glimpse. This is all that I could manage before the coach took to the motorways (highways) . The oh-so-Medieval look of the city has its own charm. The beautiful buildings and their architecture never fails to make you curious and take you back in time.


The only manageable photograph en route Glasgow was of the distant windmills from the highway. I still remember due to lack of continuous seating arrangement all three of us (my parents and I) sat in different places. Strangely, I was sitting beside this man who drew all the window curtains and went to sleep. Alas, my photographs ! was my first reaction to it. I looked around a bit and found another window from where some photographs were manageable. 


And at last after a wait of two hours in the bus, I reached Glasgow Central Station. Here is a photo of the station. It sure is a busy one. From this station we, went onwards with our journey and attended the marriage of our relative and came back to Manchester via bus. The return journey was made in a pitch dark highway and there are no photographs of it. Furthermore, I slept off midway , so there was no one to even try to take any photographs! 

Nevertheless, my trip was worth the pain of getting up before sunrise. More photographs and description about Glasgow coming up in later posts :). 

33 Replies to “From Manchester to Glasgow”

  1. It seems like a very long trip for just a wedding. But then again, I am flying to India for 3 days to attend a wedding so I guess your option is much better. I would love to visit Scotland myself but from where I live, on the south coast, it would take forever to get there by trains or buses.

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    1. Oh thats nice to know you are coming to India. 🙂 Im going back too. Yes, it was a bit too much to go to Glasgow for a day but it was really close relatives wedding . I wanted to stay on for the night but we somehow couldnt manage it. But at least it was worth getting a glimpse rather than not going at all. 🙂


  2. Oh, that’s wonderful! I would love to make a trip to Scotland. Take a train from London and go to Glasgow. It’s so often when you travel you need to wake up so early to catch a train/plane/bus, but as you mentioned usually it’s worth it 🙂

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  3. People rarely take shots of their journey and just focus on the destination. It’s really nice to see the different views you have while travelling, it’s really beautiful there!

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    1. yes. i agree. I have often seen people dozing off in the trains and buses. I doze off in planes. :But bus and train I want to see the different views, the change of weather, the drops of rains falling on the glass windows and the beautiful scenery outside .


  4. I want to go to Scotland and Ireland so much! I love the photos, even the rainy/cloudy ones. You always hear that the weather can either be beautiful or gray. Did you ever find out why the lambs were colored?

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  5. I loved the post…having travelled to UK countryside myself, I know how unimaginably beautiful those places are…the pictures never do justice 😊 during which month did you visit ? And thank you for following my blog, it’s great to know that people are liking what you write 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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