Photo Feature: Instapics

Having a Social Media presence on a variety of platforms is the ‘in thing’ in contemporary digital world. Thus, I too have an Instagram account, where I share some of my photographs . Here are some of my favourite photographs, from Instagram. I believe, every photo has a story in it and a story behind it. While the story inside the photographs are quite visible, this is the first time, I would probably explain the stories behind it. 


This was taken in Albert Square Manchester during the Christmas Lights Switch on. There were around thousands of people gathered in the Manchester Council to see the big Santa being lighted.

You can have a look at the entire event at 


It is not that I am an avid fan of cats, but I like them. They are sweet and cute. My college is technically incomplete without cats. There have been times when they have actually entered classrooms and sat down as additional students. This cat was taking a nice winter afternoon sun bath amongst the bushes when I clicked him. This photo was taken by my mobile as I did not take my camera to college.


China Town, Manchester is a lovely place. It is just off the corner from Manchester Piccadilly. This huge ornamental gate is almost like a symbol to this ancient culture. Chinatown is flooded with amazing Chinese and Thai restaurants and takeaways. This is one place that cannot be missed in your bucket list for Manchester Sightseeing.


The very first cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows that I made myself. I don’t usually cook or mix a drink, maybe because I am not very good at either. but when it came to making a cup of Hot Chocolate, I did give it a shot. P.S It was not very bad either 😛 , but not something that I would make ever so often .


A bit too late to put up Christmas Photographs isn’t it? Well, I completely agree. But I just like the look of the photo. It was taken during a very cold and freezing evening. It gives me chills, when I think of how I removed my gloves to shoot this photo. 


Taken during one of my rare vacations in Jaipur, Rajasthan, this is a photo of the beautiful palace in the Amer Fort. Built by the fierce Rajput rulers of this state, the Amer Fort and the structural construction within it draw heavily from both Hindu and Mughal architecture. Though this place is a must visit in Jaipur, I would advise you to take the trip in Winters and not in the scorching summer sun. 


This too has been taken inside the Amer Fort. This is the entrance to one of the temples in the fort. Interestingly, I have often tried to count the number of steps but have lost myself somewhere in the middle. Have you been successful in counting the total number of steps? 


This photo is my most favourite one out of the whole lot. It was taken in Burra Bazaar, North Kolkata while I was out on a heritage tour to some of the nearby Synagogues and a Temple. It was during a small food break that we took in between our sightseeing, that a friend wanted to enjoy juicy oranges under the warm winter sun. This photo was taken when she was purchasing the oranges from the seller.

Which one is your favourite photo? Do comment and let me know why? I would also appreciate if you do find faults in them and would like to let  me know how I could improve on my skills in the comment section below. Thanks. 🙂 

40 Replies to “Photo Feature: Instapics”

  1. I love the first picture because I love fireworks! I also use Instagram for personal reasons and as a marketing tool. I have some pictures that I like to share that reflect my home life.


  2. Well, I love the pics from India…and Christmas in June is a cool idea as well…but I have an affinity for good fireworks pics and you captured a great one!

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  3. I need to start an instagram account! I’ll have to read up on it and all that good stuff! love the photos, looks like you had a lot of adventures… my favorite one is of the fireworks (1st photo)

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    1. that was very special to me. It was my first Christmas Lights in Manchester. But i have to say though, that it was even better watching it live amongst a crowd of thousands than it looks as a pic on instagram 🙂


    1. Yes, Its in the largest state of India- Rajasthan. That trip was very special to me.
      1. I wanted to visit Rajasthan for a long time.
      2. Rajasthan is called the city of forts (alongwith other names)
      3. It was this vacation where i made up my mind two years ago to start my own blog. 🙂


  4. Awesome pictures! I have an account on Instagram but I am not using it now, but I want to build a good account in the future. I like the cat one, looks like a street cat, I want to take him to my home 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these cool pictures with us!

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    1. Yes, the chinatown here in Manchester is quite old. Its basically just two streets with restaurants, markets , handicraft markets and a chinese newspaper stall. I am fairly new to Instagram too, I am left to figure out how to publicize better thorugh the use of tags. But I am working on it. 😛


  5. I really like all pictures you’ve taken! The fireworks and the cat may be my favorite because you know… cats are insanely photogenic. 😀 Keep up great work and thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks. Yes christmas is my fav time of the year too. Back in India it is celebrated differently than in Manchester. But i liked how the celebrations begin at least a month before 24/25th here. Its great to look at the christmas shops and markets and food. . . .:P


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