A Regular Rainy Day in Manchester

In Manchester , the weather is almost always the same. It is either always raining or very cold winds blowing outside. In fact, having a sunny day is a blessing , a boon that everyone looks forward to but gets very rarely throughout the year. A regular person’s constant companions are long coats, mufflers, gloves, hats/caps, umbrellas and raincoats.

Most of my friends have asked me for photographs of a rainy day. To be very very honest, I feel quite frozen to go out in such a weather and take photographs. So, what I try to do is take them from my apartment. Here is a collection of such photographs on a rainy day. These photographs have been taken over a period of one week and at different times of the day to highlight the landscape during the rainy weather.


Work goes on, here in Manchester. No matter if it is raining or sunny.  People go about doing their daily activities without paying much attention to the weather. They are always equipped with umbrellas, raincoats, hooded jackets, mufflers and gloves.


A seemingly deserted parking lot in the vicinity. This parking lot with two to three cars is for a common parking space where people park cars for a certain amount of time per day. For instance, people who drive to the Northern Quarters park their cars in such shared parking spaces and then while leaving pay a certain amount as parking charge. The less number of cars in shared parking space shows people prefer to stay indoors during rainy weekends. Further more, the row of cars in front, are allotted parking spaces for people powning cars in the adjoining building. With more cars parked there, it is clear that people prefer staying indoors.


This is a shot of the main road. Such an empty road is not usually seen in Manchester. There are no people waiting to cross the road looking left and right for cars; and there are no cars on the road is an unusal sight (And certainly not one that I prefer!)


This is a reflection of a tree right under my window. I was just trying to fool around with my camera when I shot it. 


My next door neighbour’s cat. All he does the whole day is stare at something outside the window. I can understand why he does that when the birds are nearby. Interestingly, whenever it rains, he is absent from the window sill. Truly, cats do hate water, even from the other side of closed windows :P.


Since I have come to Manchester, I have already spotted at least 7 rainbows. So, everytime you see it has stopped raining do not forget to quickly scan the sky, maybe you could end up spotting such beautiful rainbows too!


Taken right outside my apartment, this rain washed street really caught my attention.


A photograph taken when the rain was at its prime. It was around 4 pm. (Yes, it gets that dark by 4 pm here)


Rainwashed street right below my window.Though this is cycling lane, I have never seen anyone cycling here !

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