Northern Quarters: Oklahoma

Northern Quarters is an amazing place in Manchester. It spans around a large area and hosts lots of pubs, cultural centres, shops and other little artistics places which I have not found out about yet. I have personally been to the Northern Quarters many times, but have not really explored the place a lot. However, on my first few visits to the place, on High Street , a certain shop has caught my attention. This shop is called the Oklahoma. The cute penguin welcoming its guest inside the shop is what intrigued me the most. after having crossed the shop on many occassions, I finally made up my mind one day to enter and check it out.

At first glance, the dimly lit light of the shop, which provided an impetus for the displayed lampshades to glow more brightly struck me. The shop has lots of gift items at reasonable prices that you can buy as souveniers. From lampshades to lights; cards to post cards; soft toys; trinkets and stoles; and many more items that would attract someone with an artistic taste.

I am personally neither attracted towards interior designing nor an I a great fan of art; but I could not stop myself from appreciating the shop. Right from its decor and ambience , to the quality of the stuff that it sells and customer service all appeased me to quite an extent. I even bought some really funky postcards to add to my ever expanding post card collections. I intend to go there again preferably before I leave so that I can get some cool stuffs for friends back home.

Oklahoma also has a cafe which I have never been to, but it is on my bucket list. I would definately post on the Cafe when I go there. If any of you want to visit Oklahoma, The details are below.

Where? : High Street, City Centre M4 1ES
When?: For Christmas the times have changed to incorporate longer hours. But mostly it is open on all day from around 9-10 AM to 6-8 PM.
Queries?: You can also get further information on Oklahoma by visiting their website at

Signing off with a photograph of some of the items I purchased from there.

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