Manchester Christmas Markets 2015

Christmas in Manchester had begun last month with the Christmas Lights Switch On about which I had earlier written on This post highlights some of the scenes that I managed to capture in the Christmas Markets. When I wrote my last post, the markets were just being put up, but now when I write, the markets are fully functioning and people manage to find some time off from their busy schedules to visit these markets. Saturday and Sunday sees an abundance of crowd in the City Council and other adjoining areas where these makeshift markets and temporary pubs have been put up. Come rain or hail, nothing dampens the christmas spirits among the people. The markets itself cover a huge area and one needs maps to navigate if they are new to the city (like me). This is what a Christmas Market map looks like.

Let me be very honest, I have not been able to cover all the places myself. But Manchester Arndale, Deansgate and City Council have been thoroughly covered by me (not once but twice). These markets are a sensual appeal to any onlooker. From myriad hues of red, green, silver, golden, white and  pink which adorn the chirstmas trees as decors; to little brown huts which act as stalls for these markets are all appeasing to the eye. In fact, if you choose to stand in any spot and smell the surroundings, a mixture of the smoky flavour of hot sausages, savoury flaours of rainbow coloured macaroons, mulled wine and german beer hits your senses. You can hear people advertising their products, buying and selling, children requesting their parents for a certain special christmas gift and various musical instruments being played in the background.
Come evening and the lights are switched on. These lights give a special feeling to the Christmas Markets. The whole area is decorated with rows of lights wrapped beautifully around the hut sheds and trees. A bunch of hanging lights also dangle from the tree branches.

There are stalls selling various things in the markets. From Fudge to macaroons; from cakes and baked breads to cheese; from drinks to special pulled pork sandwiches and mini pancakes; from christmas trees and decors to gifting items- all are found in these markets.
SAY CHEESE. . . . 
I have not been able to make a video of the markets, but I found this video which would give you a LIVE idea of these markets .

Every time I come to these Markets, I spot something which I had not seen the last time. With so many things happening at the same time and so many sights to capture, one or two visits are not sufficient enough for these markets. I would come back with another post sooner which would highlight other parts of the markets which have been yet undiscovered by me. 

Happy Christmas in Advance ! 

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15 thoughts on “Manchester Christmas Markets 2015

  1. I really love Christmas markets! I haven’t been to the North yet but I really enjoyed the Bath Christmas market. There is a small one in my town too, but it’s nothing like in the big towns. I like that the Manchester one tries to look a lot like a German/Austrian one. Those are the best I believe 🙂

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  2. Every year I look forward to visiting England’s Christmas Markets! And I have to say, Manchester is one of my favourites! Bring on this year, lets hope it snows too! 🙂

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  3. Finally another Christmas is around the corner. Loved those pics. Love those Fudge and Sausages.

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  4. ohhhh… Christmas is in the air,, thanks for letting me feel the Spirit of this Season… Your photos, your story minus the snowy and freezing weather in Manchester reminds me of my childhood Christmas… Where will you spend your Christmas this year? I’ll look forward for your Christmas 2016.

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    1. Hi, this year ill be in India, West Bengal to be precise. Christmas here is completely different. No special markets but a whole of of fun and frolic from 23rd to 2nd of Jan. We love partying and enjoying so we combine the spirit of xmas and New Year and extend our parties.


  5. Ohhh that looks like a real northern Xmas Market! I love those markets where you have a lot of typical food as well. When I don’t find, I get soon bored 🙂

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    1. Yes, cause mostly people work in the day and enjoy the evening with friends and family roaming around the markets and sharing a drink or two.


  6. My absolute favourite part about travelling during Christmas!! Unfortunately I can’t go home to Europe this year and I don’t think people realise how lucky they are with so many Xmas markets around them because they don’t really exist here in Asia: (

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    1. I completely understand . I am from India and have relocated this year. When I was in Manchester last year, I enjoyed the xmas markets thoroughly. Alas no more this year. Maybe someday in future I will see them again.


  7. The Christmas Markets are my favourite thing about living in Manchester, i’m already excited for this year 🙂

    Emma |

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    1. Hehe. . .I might not make it this year. I came only for a year to pursue studies which will end by September so I dont think I will till that long. 🙂

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      1. I hope you’ve had a lovely time in Manchester! I’m glad you got to experience the markets last year 🙂

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      2. Yes. Im glad I did not miss it even though I attended it only one year 🙂

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