Most of the time when I ping my friends over Social Media sites, the first question they ask is how am I spending my days in Manchester. So I thought let me describe my normal days, in this post. Here, I would mention that I have classes only two days a week and the rest of the five days are usually spent at home when I am not going out to explore the place with friends.

 My mornings begin the last, that is after my father has gone out for work and after my mother finishes her breakfast and starts chatting with some of her friends back in India. I happen to open my eyes at such a time. Of course I have never seen the colourful hues of sunrise here except for once but I could not capture it though my lens (maybe it would be my next New Year’s Resolution). The first thing I do is check my phone and later proceed to have my breakfast after a quick wash.

 While I eat breakfast, I get to see my neighbour taking their bull dog for a walk. The dog seemed cute until I managed to make him angry by switching on my camera flash right at him. Since, then he has mood swings when he sees me. Some days I am non-existent and other days I am fortunate enough to evoke a little wag from him. But it is for sure that this dog will not shake paws with me EVER!

 My other neighbour, who I have no clue about, owns a cat. After a lot of research I have managed to figure out that it is a British Semi-Longhaired black cat. This cat does nothing but sit at the window staring at something. It is only when it rains that I do not get to see him.

After breakfast comes my daily routine of going to the garbage dump at the basement and to the letter box.

 Thereafter, I sit on the couch with my laptop and watch the television and improvise on my blogs when I am not writing my assignments. This takes most of my time and I head for lunch. After lunch it is T.V time again.

The evenings are mostly kept for household shopping for which I go to the Manchester ARNDALE. After shopping I usually make a stop at the Hasty Tasty Pizza which stocks some of the best takeaway pizzas I have ever tasted.

With the rain clouds hovering above our heads most evenings see a shower here. After shopping we are mostly stuck in rain and have to brave the heavy rain and wind to come back to our apartment again.

Subsequently, it is laptop time where I sit with my laptop, watch CID or listen to songs till dinner is announced.
After dinner, I go to sleep.
Most of my days are spent like this. When I wake up here, it is already afternoon for my friends back home and by the time I am free in the evening, it is midnight for them. I can’t remember how many days has it been since I last heard their voice. It is mostly email and Facebook or Whatsapp chats nowadays where we reply as and when we are free. But behind the veil of glamour and beauty of this place, there is a night of darkness and loneliness that this place possesses. It is not that I am having a bad time here, I love this place and my friends here, but I also long to be in touch with my friends back home; to know where they are now, what they do, to meet those who I have not met for years, to take part in festivals. Durga Puja and Diwali just went by, but the noise and the lights never reached me except for in the colourful photo messages sent by my friends.

So, for all the people back home who think I have become a Biletiperson, you guys probably have a life that I envy a lot. Life is not as full of glamour as it seems to be. It is, in fact, really difficult and sometimes tests your patience and limits to endure against the weather, the place, the dark gloomy nights and your inner demons. To end this post, I’d rather quote Iris Murdoch “We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.”


  1. I will start this comment with the best line that caught my attention:

    Quote Iris Murdoch “We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.”

    I always say to anyone who listens that, life is nothing bu an illusion and I cannot take anything too seriously. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I love the way how you have describes your day in Manchester! I totally agree with you that people back home don’t understand. They think that our life is whim and fancy but life is all about moving out of our comfort zone and exploring new horizon for ourselves!

    Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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    1. I do connect online. vIssue is my friends from India live in a different time zone and the handful I have got here are too busy with their personal lives or other commitments. Thats why I keep blogging 😛


    1. Thanks. I have seen everything that one can see in Manchester and a little bit of around too. Attended every street fair, every weekend markets, and even been to places people are not too familiar with. Now there is absoulutely nothing for me to see and visit . Maybe thats why I get bored .


  3. I can’t feel you more here. I decided to come and study in Swansea Wales for a second bachelor after the economic crisis of Greece. Everyone things that I have an amazing time since I found also a job and settled down. But the past winter was a nightmare. You cannot really explain it, it is not that you are not having a good time, it is the darkness that comes with darkness.

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