On one windy afternoon a group of around twenty five students from my University set out on a tour of some of the legendary places of this city. This post, in short describes some of the must see destinations of Manchester but every destination would be individually highlighted in later posts.

Chapel Street is famous for being the first street in the city where street lights were switched on. Chapel Street today hosts the Peel Park Campus of the University of Salford.

Some distance down from the Chapel Streetis Peel Park. This park is a very pretty place to lose yourself amidst natures beauty. The colours of autumn, in full bloom, can be best experienced in the silent surroundings of this park. In fact one of the campuses of the University of Salford has been named after Peel Park.

 Right opposite to Peel Parkis The Crescent which has always been a great hangout place for the youth. Moreover, the Crescent gives special discounts to the University students.

 The Black Horse Hotel is another beautiful building standing almost entirely on its own. When I first saw the inn I was very impressed by it. In fact I had even made up my mind to go there one day and check it out; but very recently I found out that the hotel itself has closed down. Now only the building stands as a remembrance of what used to exist days ago.

 Manchester is filled with churches and cathedrals. Every neighbourhood has one church of its own. This is St. Philips Church beside Peel Park. This church displays Greco-Roman architecture.

Two steps from the St Philips Church is the Salford Cathedral which has the aura of a mighty gothic- looking structure standing erect and high claiming its authority over the place.
Moving further on you would find the Church of the Sacred Trinity and if you walk straight ahead you get to the Manchester Cathedral. This cathedral is said to be the Centre of the city as it is from here that the City Centre and one of the biggest shopping malls Manchester Arndale starts which later on merges with Market Street which is one of the high points of the city.
For those who have the slightest connection with Karl Marx, the Cheetham library would be an ideal place to visit. Not only because the membership is free but also because it was the very place where years ago Marx met his fellow companions and propagated his ideas.

 Western music is always described by bands like Beatles, Eagles, pink Floyd, and more recently by Jackson, Madonna and the rest. But Cheetham School of Music has been imparting music to children and youth for years alike making it one of the most famous destinations of music.
Opposite to The Cheetham School of music is the Victoria Station Railway which connects the city to places like London, Leeds, Newcastle, York and Scotland.

 The Manchester City Council can be reached via a shortcut through the Sinclairs pub. It is said that when the city centre was being built, the Sinclairs pub was relocated to a new place brick by brick.

 A little further away from the City Council one comes to the Beetham Tower the tallest skyscraper of the city. With 47 floors tall, this building houses a hotel and is a primary landmark for those (like me) who frequently get lost in the city. The Museum of Science and Industry is built very near to this hotel.

Right opposite the Museum is the Canal System of River Irwell. In fact I was told that many students take this unique arrangement as part of their studies and research work.


With the canal being our last point of visit, our tour came to an end. But as they say “the road goes on and on”, my journey is far from over and I would definitely try to visit all these places again and know more about their history and legends. 


  1. Some really interesting and beautiful places to see in Manchester. I especially like the Salford Cathedral for its old world vibe and the Sinclairs Pub for its quirky simple colors.

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    1. Thanks . Yes Sinclairs pub is very old in Manchester. even before the city centre shopping arcade was made it existed. And actually was transported brick by brick so that the pub does not have to demolished while the city centre was being constructed.


    1. No. I didnt know about that. Are you referring to the wheel which is like the London Eye ? cause that wheel is no longer in Manchester. If you are referring to something else, please give me details I would love to go and see it.


    1. There are so many churches all within a mile of each other in every direction. I have covered some of the most famous ones but not all. There are still many churches left that I have not visited.


  2. Great summary of the key sights that can be visited in Manchester. I have only been to London but if I go back to UK, a visit to Manchester seems like it should definitely be in order.

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  3. We were in England last December but we did not plan to visit Manchester. Your post reminded us of our trip to Kanyakumari, southern most part of India, we were around 25 friends in Trivandrum for corporate training and decided to make a trip to Kanyakumari.

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    1. Thats really fun going out with friends. I usually go for trips with parents and day trips with friends. But recently I went for a holiday to Wales for a few days and its great going with them 🙂


    1. Im not very familiar with football although I know about the Manchester City and Manchester United. But This city is not only about football but more than that and I wanted to highlight this. 🙂


    1. Oh Thats nice. What places are you trying to see? Leeds and Liverpool are great places to see too. If you want a relaxing day then Southport or Lake District is the place. If you want to trek, then Peak District. I guess London is already on your list. Let me know If I can be of any help making your way round UK. 🙂


  4. I have only been to Manchester once, for a meeting, and that meant coming and in out of the city without seeing anything. I would have liked to walk along the canals if I had more time, the area looks lovely.

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  5. I was in Manchester a few years back for a job interview, and honestly, the feeling that I got from that city was a big grey sadness. Maybe it was because it was winter, but I really didn’t like it. There are some interesting things you are talking about here that I never saw in the city that day, but it doesn’t seem like the greatest place to visit in the UK… I’m a Scotland lover, sorry hehe

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    1. No no. thats absolutely fine. You know im not originally from Manchester. when I came here, I felt the same way you feel- boring, drab, dull, cold, grey, freezing. It was nothing like my city. (I come from Kolkata, India) But maybe I gave time and patience to the city and thus have seen the brighter side of it too. I have been to Glasgow once. I love the place. 🙂


  6. I didn’t figure out Manchester has so many nice sites to see. The Beetham Tower attracted my attention. Is there a very expensive hotel or is it affordable?

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    1. Ya The Black Horse hotel was an earlier pub but now its a preserved building. although every now and then talks are on of demolishing it but a petition saves it. the Beetham Tower is the tallest building in Manchester constructed by two different architects. In fact it so tall that at times the building vibrates making loud noises when heavy winds blow past it. That is a time the Tower doesnt seem so nice, it is eerily scary. 🙂


  7. I love to explore any historic city with rich culture and architecture. Manchester looks like an amazing city that demonstrates a rich variety of architectural styles. I would love to visit Manchester and Salford Cathedral.

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    1. theres a post on Manchester cathedral in my blog. You can take a look at at for the time being 😛 . Salford Cathedral would soon follow as soon as I have finished with my london diaries


  8. Sorry, is it me or does the Black Hotel look haunted? To it’s defense, whenever my boyfriend and I pass an old or foreclosed house, I say the same thing. I should probably stop watching ghost stories on TLC lol

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    1. Well I thought so too, I am with you when it comes to looking at old buildings and thinking that they are haunted. Interestingly, I had done a separate post on the Black Horse Inn itself and during my research I came to know about its history and various stories but no evidence of hauntings. Not too sure whether I should be happy or sad about it though 😛


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