5 Exciting Outdoor Adventures

I am sure there are many of you who love to spend your time carrying out various outdoor adventures. In fact most of the common ones have been covered by you in the mountains or on the beaches. If you still haven’t covered some of the exciting outdoor activities then do plan out your holidays to undertake some of them in this year.  I bring to you five of my favorite outdoor activities.

 White Water Rafting- Goes really high on your adrenaline. River rafting in India is a famous activity on the Alakananda river, Uttarakhand, Kali, Zanskar , Kameng and the Brahmaputra river. River rafting can be done individually or in a group. However, experts always advise to go for team work.  There are six grades of river rafting identified by the International Rafting Federation. Various techniques need to be employed while rafting and thus a professional guide is a must. For all the environment conservationist the environment, water current, and safety measures are looked into first before undertaking a trip.  Moreover, you should be physically and mentally prepared to take on the thrill and stress of this activity lest it leaves a post traumatic stress on your mind and health.

Specially made bikes are made available for all those who like to explore the mountains on bikes and at their own free will. The two frequently undertaken sports are cross country trail and trail riding. The following is mandatory while going on this journey-
·         Knowledge of handling a bike
·         Knowledge of mountain routes
·         Mental and physical strength
·         Bike gears
·         Rucksack
·         Water
·         First aid
It goes without saying that such trails should always be undertaken in a group. In fact nowadays special groups of only women are made where they take on this thrilling activity.
Some of the best mountain trails in India are:
·         Kufri-Nankhari- sungri- Tiuni- Lakhawati in the Himalayan Ranges
·         Manali- solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh is almost a  26 km ride
·         Cochin- Kumarakom- Munnar in the South should be travelled from October to March.

Waterfall Rappelling is a method of quick descent through the waterfall. The water sprinkling all over your face and body during such a descent makes it an all the more enjoyable experience. This is very common on the Vihi Waterfall in Kasara apart from being carried out in the major waterfalls of the country. This activity is always performed under the visions of trained professionals and is also a great method to bid goodbye to your fear of heights.

Night Trek is not available in very many places of India. There are few organizations which offer night trek on selected routes. One such route is the AnthargangeCaving and Night Trek. This takes a minimum of three hours for a distance of four kilometers. One can experience caving, bonfire, amazing food, sunrise and nocturnal creatures during the session. Kunti Betta, Skandagiri and Rajmachi  are three other routes which offers night treks.

Flying Fox or aerial runway truly makes you feel like a bird and view the world through the eyes of a bird. It enables a person to travel from top to bottom of a hill through a fastened rope and pulley system. This is common in most of the rainforests like Costa Rica, Florida, Puerto Rico, Nicaraguaetc. Flying Fox is India’s first and only Zip Line Company.  So if you want to experience this thrill then you can know more about this organization and the trips that it organizes in http://www.flyingfox.asia/.

Although I have covered only five there are hundreds of other activities that you can carry out on such adventurous holidays. If you have experienced something different or tried out any different activities do share them with me.

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