A (Photo) Walk to Remember

Photowalk is the new trend in the city for all the amateur photographers although I consider myself as a photo explorer. Why? I try to explore my camera too other than places that are perfect for pretty frames. That is exactly why on 13th September (which was thankfully not a Friday) I set out with my camera to the Bheris(fishing ponds) of Salt Lake. I believe, Photowalk, is not just about going to a place and capturing few good shots; it is more about knowing one’s city, its culture, and its serene beauty.

Reaching the bheri was an adventure in itself. From sneaking out early from college to listening to mom shouting about safety and finally braving the cloudy and rainy weather itself. With the main aim of shooting the sunset being washed away by rain, we decided to try our luck in shooting whatever was available.

The Bheri was right beside a row of IT Companies and also colleges and institutes. But even then, it was pleasant to see that amidst urbanization such a natural and peaceful place exists even today. The Bheris itself are surrounded by rows of small grasslands and an occasional tree here and there. Narrow roads dividing it make a pathway for people to cross over from the other side. Apart from the fishes that are bred there, the ecosystem also comprises little black ants, lots of crows, wild grasses and little flowers growing unevenly all over the place.

With the place being windy and cloudy due to the rain falling on the ground, it was difficult to focus and get a good shot. Although, luckily, there was a boat of fishermen which became the object of interest for quite some time and prone to many an experiments of mine.
Surprisingly, I made an attempt to shoot macro with a prime lens. This ultimately resulted in neck pain, hand pain and finally happiness when I could get my macro subject in full focus. This being my first attempt at macro requires more practice in the future and guidance to perfect this field.

The huge buildings of the IT offices and institutes which formed the background were also a subject that needed attention. In fact a wide shot would get in all the important elements of the place- the offices, the Bheris and the sky. It would be the perfect example of a place where urbanization, technology and development met nature.
However, the only fault with the place was that the same development was eating into the natural resources of the area. This not only causes environmental degradation but also reduces the natural beauty of the place.

On crossing the IT offices one can stand for hours in front of them and gauge at the huge infrastructures. Hearing noises coming from (what I thought might be) the canteen or the parking lot, one cannot do but wonder what type of work goes on inside, how are the people who worked there, how would the work culture be. Nevertheless, it might be impossible for me to get the answers to these questions as my career comes nowhere close to the IT sector.
Though, the main aim of capturing the sunset was not fulfilled, the trip was fruitful in many other ways. The adventure, the beauty of the open ponds, the macro subject, the dreams about IT offices and above all getting expert advice on shooting, all made the trip immensely successful for me.

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