Chouki dhani- a Hotspot Of Tradition

One can never know that in the heart of a modern city , there can exist a completely traditional (artificial ) village, until one visits Chouki Dhani. This is one such place which defines Rajasthan in  the way people have been perceiving it’s heritage for time immemorial. Chouki  Dhani is easily accessible via bus, car or rickshaws. The uniqueness of this place is that it is operational only after sunset to late night. It is a place where one can enjoy, take part in the activities, shop till their heart’s content and lastly enjoy the traditional Rajasthani thali .

Right from the gates of the place one would start getting the feel of the traditions of this place. People dressed in traditional Rajasthani attires play the dhol and nagada to attract the people’s attention and to welcome them in the place.Upon entering the place, it is a different feel in itself.


Everywhere that you look you see colours and smiling faces. Girls wearing colourful ghagra performing the traditional ghoomar dance complete with fire, matkas and balancing acts . Puppeteers narrating tales of Kings and Queens of the past with a variety of sound and visual effects. Magicians showing unbelievable magic, young boys and girls balancing themselves on the rope, bioscope wallahs showing movies on the reels, fortune tellers telling the future of the people with the help of a parrot – everything can engage and mesmerize  you for hours .




When in Rajasthan it is impossible that there would be no games. Hence, there were game stalls as well. Gun firing, hoops, bowling, hitting the target all interesting games are available at a minimum cost of five to six rupees.Camel, horse cart and elephant rides are also available. It gave the children immense joy to ride on elephants and camels, who, it seemed were very obedient and tamed animals as they let the children touch them and play with them.

No tour is complete without shopping and yes Chouki Dhani offers you that too! Anything that you name is available. From beautiful umbrellas to ghaghras , From bangles to furniture’s, from show pieces to traditional Rajasthani artwork. It is an array of colors and tradition all under one roof.

Lastly what one has to make a mention of is the food. There are two distinct seating arrangements of having your food. One is sitting down on the floor like people usually do and the other is sitting on chairs like a proper restaurant.But in both places one can enjoy the traditional thali complete with all Rajasthani delicacies- Bajre ki roti, Dal Baati churma, curry, paneer, palak, acahar, papad, lassi, chutney, khichdi, kulfi etc. You can actually enjoy this meal  in an ambiance of folk music and immense hospitality of the people. Chouki Dhani promises you an evening that you can never forget -an evening highlighting the traditions of the place and it lives up to its expectations.

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2 thoughts on “Chouki dhani- a Hotspot Of Tradition

  1. welcome!. do visit this place and share your experience. would love to hear about them.


  2. well next time this ones on my list thanks for sharing 🙂


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