My life My Way

I have always wanted to travel and experience new cultures, arts, cuisines, communicate with people and most importantly explore the unexplored paths. Thus for all my friends who love travelling just the way I do, this blog is dedicated to them. Let this be a communicative platform where we can share our experiences and learn about new places.

People think going out on a tour or a vacation is an adventure or an experience. But we often forget the small incidents happening with us throughout the day . Truly, if one changes his/ her perspective of viewing the world , then adventure would be everything that happens to them from morning till night. One need not go out of station all the time to discover new places. One can do that by staying right in their home town . It has often been seen that the love of another place makes a person know less about their city and more about the one they are fascinated with. Let us know equally about both and in details. Thus my aim from here would be to take up different places and discover the possible adventures that one can have in those places.

Lastly, a point which I strongly believe in is the fact the God’s greatest vehicle is attached to the human body- the legs. It is through walking that one can truly discover new places and explore roads that they can never forget. . .

I leave on this note hoping to bring something new very soon.  . . . . .

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